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Prioritizing Mental Health

By Lindsey Grundfast
Behind the Whistle
Jan. 13, 2021 

At the Intercollegiate Women’s Lacrosse Coaches Association’s (IWLCA) virtual December convention, Kelly Gallagher, The University of Tampa head women's lacrosse coach, hosted one of the Zoom social events for the convention. The theme Gallagher chose for her event was mental health. In the Zoom session, women’s lacrosse coaches from across the country discussed different ideas and resources to create positive atmospheres within their college women’s lacrosse teams. This included sharing websites designed to support college students and college athletes, ideas to dedicate time to educate teams on the importance of mental health and several social media resources shared by Gallagher. 

A similar story appeared in US Lacrosse magazine.

Primary Hypothyroidism: More Common Than You Think

By MaryAnn D’Alesandro
My American Nurse
Jan. 11, 2021

MaryAnn D’Alesandro, University of Tampa assistant professor of nursing, wrote an article that was published online with My American Nurse. In the article, D’Alesandro discussed statistics and facts about hypothyroidism, the causes and types, signs, symptoms, screening and diagnosis as well as treatment options. 

University of Tampa Will Use $19 Million Bond for Fitness Center Expansion

By Lauren Coffey
Tampa Bay Business Journal
Jan. 8, 2021 

In October, The University of Tampa announced that the construction of a new fitness center will break ground in Spring 2021 and bring three new basketball courts, a reconfigured beach volleyball complex, a new aquatic center with a competition-sized swimming pool in addition to a smaller recreational pool, a two-story pool house, more workout spaces and several classrooms and individual study and work spaces. The university will be using a $19.9 million bond to help fund the new fitness center space. 

Arts in MIND Reaches People With Early Onset/Early Stage Dementia 

By John Davis
Jan. 7, 2021 

Angel Duncan, adjunct professor in art therapy at UT, created the Arts in MIND program, in collaboration with Yale University’s Alzheimer’s Disease Research Unit and the Yale University Art Gallery. The program targets younger patients (50-65 years old) with early onset dementia as well as those in the early stages of dementia. In talking about her work teaching at UT, Duncan expressed surprise at seeing a diversity of majors from students in her arts and health classes. “It was great to see these young minds interested in the arts and health…I’m advocating them to go to the National Endowment for the Arts, please go to your congressman, please go to your healthcare providers and demand for better.”

What is Behind the Recent Surge in the Price of Bitcoin?

By Vivekanand Jayakumar
The Hill
Jan. 6, 2021 

Vivekanand Jayakumar, associate professor of economics at The University of Tampa, wrote an op-ed on the recent surge in the price of Bitcoin for The Hill. The price of Bitcoin has risen by more than 300% in the past year, which is the third major cycle of price spikes involving Bitcoin since 2013. According to Jayakumar, the fundamental value of Bitcoin is hard to determine since it’s dependent on how much people believe it’s worth. In the article, Jayakumar dives into the history of Bitcoin and the current impact it’s had economically.

The Cathartic Experience That is Finally Shaving Your Head

By Madge Maril
Harper’s Bazaar
Jan. 5, 2021

Harper’s Bazaar covered the unexpected quarantine trend of women shaving their heads and the many emotions that came along with it. University of Tampa student JoHannah Yankey was featured in the article, where she told her story of shaving her head while quarantining at home in Maryland. “I would say me cutting my hair represented a fresh start. When we're born, we're born with short hair—we're newborns. I think of myself as like, "Oh, I'm a newborn!" I'm starting all over again, I'm growing my hair out again, and I feel like it's a learning experience getting to know yourself again and the new person you're becoming every single day,” Yankey says in the article. 

Are the Increasingly Upbeat Economic Forecasts for 2021 Warranted?

By Vivekanand Jayakumar
The Hill
Jan. 3, 2021 

Vivekanand Jayakumar, associate professor of economics at The University of Tampa, wrote an article that was featured in The Hill. In it, Jayakumar cites the economic difficulties that the U.S. faced in 2020 amid the COVID-19 pandemic and the hopeful economic projections for the coming year. “The key thesis underlying hopes for a surge in economic activity in the second half of 2021 is tied to expectations of a relatively rapid roll-out of vaccination programs during the first half of the year and a subsequent reopening of nearly all sectors of the economy,” Jayakumar says in the article.