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Navigating the Perilous Path of the Darién Gap, Finding a Way to Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay Times
By Juan Carlos Chavez
Oct. 15, 2023

President Biden announced a plan to invest in clean energy and job training in Central America to reduce the number of migrants that pass through the dangerous Darién Gap in between Colombia and Panama. However, Michael Coon, associate professor of economics, said it can take decades to reduce migration through those tactics. “In the short term, U.S. taxpayer dollars would be better invested in infrastructure at the southern border to create a humane, orderly process for migrants to enter the country legally,” said Coon.

How Political Uncertainty in the U.S. Could Hold Up Aid to Israel

U.S. News & World Report
By Susan Milligan
Oct. 10, 2023

When comparing the internal division within Israel’s government to the political turmoil in the U.S., Jonathan Lewallen, associate professor of political science, said that "this kind of situation is what many were worrying about, with all the holds on nominations and military promotions. This could potentially reduce military readiness and leave the United States less able to respond to things like this."

Explaining the War Between Israel and Hamas

Spectrum Bay News 9
Oct. 10, 2023

In order to break down the long-term conflict between Israel and Hamas, Belisa Marochi, assistant teaching professor of political science and international studies, explains the history, demographics and next steps of the region.

A similar story appeared on ABC Action News and WTXL (Tallahassee).

How to Save Money: 14 Expert-Backed Ways

U.S. News & World Report
By Geoff Williams
Oct. 9, 2023

Elio Alfonso, associate professor of accounting, said that one effective way to save money is to modify your income tax withholding with your employer. "Basically, you are giving the IRS an interest-free loan during the year for absolutely no reason," Alfonso says. "You should have more of that money in your bank account earning interest and working for you." 

This story also appeared on WTOP (Washington, D.C.).

Meet George Rano, a 2023 40 Under 40 Honoree

Tampa Bay Business Journal
By Devonta Davis
Oct. 3, 2023

George Rano, part-time management faculty at UT and head of workforce management at MetLife, sat down for a Q&A with Tampa Bay Business Journal. Rano touched on his time in the military, hot topics in the management sector, and how he likes to have fun and relax.

Pretty Soon, Your VR Headset Will Know Exactly What Your Bedroom Looks Like

Oct. 3, 2023

Visiting Assistant Professor Joseph Jerome penned this op-ed for Wired.

Hollywood Misconception

WPTV (West Palm Beach)
Sept. 26, 2023

Aaron Walker, chair and associate professor of film, animation and new media, shared how he discussed the Hollywood strike with students who hope to break into that industry after graduation. Walker said in competitive industries such as entertainment, it’s important for students to understand what they are really getting into.

Tropical Storm Philippe Model Shows Path as it Moves Toward U.S.

By Jess Thomson
Sept. 25, 2023

As Tropical Storm Philippe moved through the Atlantic, Nicholas Grondin, assistant professor of environmental studies and meteorologist specializing in hurricanes, gave insight on how these storms develop: "Atlantic tropical cyclones can develop in a variety of ways. During August and September, the many systems have their origins as tropical waves that emerge off the coast of west Africa."

This story also appeared in The Miami Herald, Wichita Eagle (KS), The Olympian (WA), Idaho Statesman and Rock Hill Herald (SC).  

Artificial Turf vs. Real Grass: Why Picking a Clear Winner Isn't So Simple

ABC Action News
Sept. 25, 2023

Aaron Rodgers, quarterback for the New York Jets, reignited the “real vs. artificial turf” debate among athletes and sports fans with a season-ending injury on a turf field. Scott Brickett, assistant athletic director for sports medicine, took Michael Paluska on a tour of UT’s soccer and baseball fields (which use real grass and turf, respectively) and weighed the pros and cons between the two. He said that most of the time injuries cannot be completely attributed to the field, and that his main priority is making athletes feel the most comfortable and safe, regardless of their preference.

Tampa News Talk 1040

Sept. 21, 2023

David Wheeler, associate professor of journalism, gives insight on working with Generation Z and their outlook on current events.

Meet Matt Battista, a 2023 40 Under 40 Honoree

Tampa Bay Business Journal
By Devonta Davis
Sept. 20, 2023

Matt Battista, manager of employer development for UT’s career services, sat down for a Q&A with Tampa Bay Business Journal. Battista touched on valuable career lessons, advice to high school students, and his favorite hobbies and interests.

Creating Networks To Support Academic Connections For Students

By Marybeth Gasman
Sept. 18, 2023

English Professor Aimee Whiteside and Associate Professor of Education Suzanne Ensmann’s research on Yellowdig, a gamified social network where students interact to learn and discuss class content together, was referenced in this article reporting the positive results of Yellowdig.

Maryland Democrat Calls on ICE to Ditch Controversial Sheriff’s Office

The Hill
By Rafael Bernal
Sept. 13, 2023

Rep. Michael Trone cited a 2017 research study by Michael Coon, associate professor of economics, in a letter to Homeland Security requesting that ICE terminate its agreement with the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office. Coon’s report alleges that the county arrested an excessive amount of Hispanic residents in attempt to reinforce its immigration laws.

University of Tampa Launches 24/7 Crisis Hotline for Students

10 Tampa Bay
Sept. 12, 2023

UT is now offering a call line open 24/7 for students in need of mental health support. The crisis line connects students to Christie Campus Health’s licensed clinicians.

Similar stories appeared on Austin Daily Herald (TX), Charlotte Gazette (NC), KPLC (Lake Charles, LA), WSAZ (Huntington, WV), FOX 19 (Cincinnati), PIX11 (New York), FOX 8 (New Orleans), KOLD (Tucson, AZ), WGN (Chicago), KHON (Honolulu), KKTV (Colorado Springs, CO), KRON (San Francisco), KOIN (Portland, OR), WIS (Columbia, SC), KFVS12 (Cape Girardeau, MO), WMBD (Myrtle Beach, SC), KOLO (Reno, NV), WHSV (Harrisonburg, VA), KOLN (Lincoln, NE), WFA (Montgomery, AL) and many more.

Focusing Their Art Through a Camera’s Lens

Creative Pinellas
By Kurt Loft
Sept. 8, 2023

A new exhibition in UT’s Saunders Foundation Art Gallery, titled Through Her Eyes: Women Photographers of Tampa Bay, features a variety of subject matter from 30 Tampa Bay artists, including Jaime Aelavanthara, associate professor of art and design. “It celebrates photography as being a part of our culture, and from a woman’s perspective,’’ said Jocelyn Boigenzahn, director of the College of Arts and Letters galleries.

‘Overly Data-Dependent’ — How the Fed and the Markets Keep Getting It Wrong

The Hill
By Vivekanand Jayakumar
Sept. 7, 2023

Vivekanand Jayakumar, associate professor of economics, looks into the Federal Reserve and major central banks’ increasing reliance on economic data for making policy decisions.

DeSantis Is Taking Aim At ‘Zombie Studies’ on the Campaign Trail. It’s a Real Thing

By Annie Nova
Sept. 6, 2023

At an Iowa campaign event, Ron DeSantis referenced “degrees in zombie studies” in his argument against student loan forgiveness. Sarah Juliet Lauro, associate professor of English who researches the symbolism of zombies, defended the subject, saying, “The figures that haunt our popular narratives are a society’s way of working through shared experiences and problems.”

Mental Health Grant to University of Tampa

FOX 13
Sept. 5, 2023

UT received a grant from the Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration that will provide $102,000 every year for the next three years to expand vital wellness services.

The University of Tampa’s Comic Book Art Exhibit Runs Through Oct. 6

Creative Loafing Tampa
By Josh Bradley
Sept. 5, 2023

A new, immersive exhibit at the Scarfone Hartley Gallery of Art — “Zooming Superheroes: From Dyes to DPI, The Visual and Technical Evolution of Comic Book Printing” — displays the history of both comic books and color printing in general.

Similar stories appeared on ABC Action News and FOX 13.

Fintastic Flair

SRQ Magazine (Sarasota-Bradenton area)
By Laura Paquette
September issue

Part-time biology faculty Jaclyn Gerakios co-owns Fin Pin Shop to showcase local art and raise awareness about conservation. Fin Pin Shop sells pins, stickers and bags featuring ocean wildlife and fun facts that benefit nonprofits such as Sharks 4 Kids and Coral Restoration Foundation. Products are exclusively available on Etsy and in aquariums across the world.

Hurricane Idalia: Florida Hunkers Down for ‘Unprecedented’ Storm

Aug. 29, 2023 

Nicholas Grondin, assistant professor of environmental studies, spoke to BBC amidst Hurricane Idalia about the warm water increasing the hurricane’s intensity, the accuracy of tracking a hurricane’s landfall and reach, the adjacent Hurricane Franklin, and the future of hurricanes.

U of Tampa Prepares for Idalia’s Impact

FOX Weather
Aug. 29, 2023

On the day of Hurricane Idalia’s landfall, Katie Godwin, emergency operations coordinator, discussed UT’s evacuation procedure for 4,500 residential students, how to protect campus facilities during a storm, and the process for reopening campus afterwards.

Bay Area Students, Schools React to New Bathroom Rule

Spectrum Bay News 9
By Melissa Eichman
Aug. 24, 2023

New guidance implemented by Florida’s Board of Education will require college and university restrooms to be designated for exclusive use by biological males or females. UT responded saying, in part: “When navigating complex legislative changes in a community as diverse as UT, there are bound to be differences in interpretations, beliefs and appropriate next steps. Our commitment to an inclusive learning environment will be at the forefront as we interpret and react to legislation impacting our community."

The U.S. Regulates Cars, Radio and TV. When Will It Regulate A.I.?

The New York Times
By Ian Prasad Philbrick
Aug. 24, 2023

Jonathan Lewallen, associate professor of political science, was quoted in this New York Times piece about Congress regulating artificial intelligence. “Generally speaking, Congress is a more reactive institution,” said Lewallen.

Tropical Storm Hilary Pounds Southern California With Heavy Rain, Flash Flooding

The Conversation
By Nicholas Grondin
Aug. 18, 2023

Nicholas Grondin, assistant professor of environmental studies, penned this piece to explain how Hurricane Hilary brought flash flooding, wind damage and mudslides to Southern California.

Ybor City Microcinema Hosts Twin Peaks Brunch This Weekend

Creative Loafing Tampa
By Gracey Davis
July 25, 2023

Screen Door Microcinema, a 38-seat movie theater in Ybor City, hosted a Black Lodge Brunch to pay homage to the cult-classic TV show Twin Peaks. Screen Door was created by Warren Cockerham, media production coordinator, and uses projection equipment donated by UT’s film, animation and new media department.

Podcast: University of Tampa President Ron Vaughn on Nearly Three Decades of Leadership, and the Early UT Turnaround

By Alexis Muellner
Tampa Bay Business Journal
July 18, 2023

The Tampa Bay Business Journal spoke with The University of Tampa President Ron Vaughn for the Florida Business Minds podcast. Vaughn spoke about the state of UT when he first assumed the presidency, how he developed the master plan, and more.

The Tampa Bay SynchRays Combine Artistry With Athleticism in the Water

Spectrum Bay News 9
By Olivia Stacey
July 14, 2023

The SynchRays are Tampa-based synchronized swimmers with several skill sets, including flexibility, strength, grace and breath-holding. Sarolta Lukovszky, a master’s student at UT studying marketing, joined the team as a member and coach after competing at Lindenwood University (MO) and on the Hungarian national team. Lukovszky won two national championship titles at Lindenwood, and went to three world championships and a couple European championships for Hungary.

‘We’re Leaving a Legacy’: How Beach Volleyball is Growing in Tampa Bay

By Charlotte Varnes
Tampa Bay Times
July 12, 2023

In recent years, local institutions like Eckerd College and the University of Tampa have emerged as national powerhouses in the sport of beach volleyball.

A New Study of Massive Stars at the University of Tampa

By Colleen Cole
July 11, 2023

The National Science Foundation awarded Katie Gordon, assistant professor of physics, a $210,000 grant to study massive stars. The grant will allow UT to join the Southeastern Association for Research in Astronomy, which will give Gordon and her students remote access to advanced telescopes in Arizona, Chile and Spain.

College vs. University: What’s the Difference?

U.S. News & World Report
By Anayat Durrani
July 10, 2023

The difference between a college and a university in the U.S. may not always be apparent to students who grew up in other parts of the world, which can create confusion for prospective international students. "In Spanish, 'colegio' means high school," says George DaPonte, director of international admissions, citing one example.

Celebrate Tampa’s Birthday With a Blast From the Past With Celebrations Throughout the City

By Nicole Rogers
July 9, 2023

To celebrate the city of Tampa’s 136th birthday, the Henry B. Plant Museum premiered the documentary Gems from Olivette, which focuses on the parallels between the founding of Tampa and modern day.  Lindsay Huban, executive director of the Henry B. Plant Museum, and Charles McGraw Groh, associate professor of history and the museum’s historian-in-residence, explained that the documentary uses music from the French opera Olivette to tell the untold stories, or gems, of Tampa’s history. Music Lecturer Rodney Shores added that the documentary proves that many of today’s social issues are not new, and that the community will always find a way to persevere.

FOX 13

July 9, 2023

Charles Groh, chair of the history department at UT, was on FOX 13’s Good Day to discuss the city of Tampa’s 136th birthday.

Tampa Will House One of Three Base Camps in the U.S. For Jane Goodall's Youth Program Roots & Shoots

WUSF Public Media
By Jessica Meszaros
June 30, 2023

UT’s chapter of Roots and Shoots, an organization inspired by Dr. Jane Goodall, maintains a garden at St. Peter Claver Catholic School. Goodall visited Tampa last spring and spoke at Tampa Theatre, where recent graduate and former Roots and Shoots president Eamon Hennessy interviewed her on stage. 

Illegal Data Breach Affects About 58,000 Voters in Hillsborough, Supervisor of Elections Says

ABC Action News
By Leilyn Torres
May 31, 2023

The Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections office announced that a data breach stole personal information of roughly 58,000 people in their database. Alper Yayla, director and associate professor of cybersecurity, said data breaches are becoming more and more common. He added that it’s usually only the big ones that get noticed and that these cyber criminals are often difficult to track down.

“Smart People Are Falling for Stupid Lies”: How One Florida County Has Become Ground Zero for the Far Right’s Education Blitz

Vanity Fair
By Kathryn Joyce
May 31, 2023

Theoni Soublis, professor of education, began her career in Sarasota’s public schools, when getting a job as a teacher was much more competitive. Recently, Sarasota principals have been calling her searching for staff, as many teachers are leaving the state. One reason they are choosing the leave was the bombardment of news articles about Governor DeSantis targeting their livelihoods. Liv Coleman, political science professor who researches the right wing, gave insight into DeSantis’ strategy: “(He) seems to have this media strategy where he’s in the headlines all the time, every single day.”

Here’s What the University of Tampa Is Looking For in Its Next President

Tampa Bay Business Journal
By Lauren Coffey
May 31, 2023

The University of Tampa is aiming to announce the new University president by early 2024, with the transition fully in place by July. Important qualities the search committee is looking for are the ability to navigate changing landscapes in higher education and politics, leadership and strategic planning experience, and an enthusiasm for fundraising.

Did We Just Dodge a Recession?

The Hill
By Vivekanand Jayakumar
May 30, 2023

Vivekanand Jayakumar, associate professor of economics, explores how the economy has remained resilient despite a strong consensus that it was headed toward a recession.

Big Hammock Hangout Returns to St. Pete Pier in June

Tampa Bay Times
By Sharon Kennedy Wynne
May 23, 2023

Entrepreneurship students Sophie Dickerman and Haley Tisone hosted a second “big hammock hangout” on the St. Pete Pier after their first one broke the world record for the largest hammock hangout. The students founded Coast to Coast Hammock Co. last year and celebrated the launch by coordinating the inaugural event last year.

Dr. Stephen M. Kromka of the University of Tampa on How To Create a Successful Career in Conflict Resolution and Mediation

Authority Magazine
By Eric Pines
May 22, 2023

Stephen Kromka, assistant professor of communication, was interviewed for Authority Magazine’s Q&A series on professional certifications. Kromka spoke about his specialty in conflict resolution and mediation and how it can be applied.

Spartans lacrosse player sets out with something to prove

FOX 13
By Sean Barie
April 20, 2023

During his tenure as head men's lacrosse coach at The University of Tampa, JB Clarke has coached a lot of memorable players. Few, however, are more memorable than Matthew Beddow.

Video game tournament teaches entrepreneurship

FOX 13
April 15, 2023

University of Tampa students put down the textbooks Friday and picked up their screens. Consider it entrepreneurship 101 done in a virtual setting.

Richard Schmidt, 80, retires as University of Tampa basketball coach

Tampa Bay Times
By Joey Knight
April 14, 2023

University of Tampa men’s basketball coach Richard Schmidt, who recently completed his 40th season at the downtown Division II program, has announced his retirement.

Neon nights for mental health

FOX 13
April 14, 2023

Students at the University of Tampa dressed up in neon swag to raise awareness for mental health 

University of Tampa's women's lacrosse team ranked 4th in the nation with eyes on their first championship

Fox 13
By Kevin O’ Donnell
April 12, 2023

The women's program has made the NCAA tournament twice in their history. Twice in the last four seasons. They have yet to win in the postseason, but they believe this year is their time.

Forget About It: How We Purge Thoughts From Our Mind

Neuroscience News
March 27, 2023

Assistant professor of psychology Sarah Festini was quoted in this piece, stating, ““We’ve found that intentionally forgetting no-longer-relevant information from the mind is beneficial, but it doesn’t happen automatically.” She will be presenting at the Cognitive Neuroscience Society (CNS) annual meeting in San Francisco.

University of Tampa president Ronald Vaughn to retire after nearly 30 years

Tampa Bay Times
By Ian Hodgson
March 24, 2023

University of Tampa President Ronald L. Vaughn will retire at the end of the 2023-2024 school year after nearly 30 years at the helm of Tampa Bay’s largest private university.

Also featured in The Tampa Bay Business JournalWUSF and FOX 13.

Tampa content creators react to potential U.S. ban of TikTok

Fox 13
By Justin Schecker
March 23, 2023

Victoria Urso is a sophomore at The University of Tampa with more than 57,000 TikTok followers.

She told News Channel 8 she uses her TikTok account to promote a healthy lifestyle and her college campus. “I think this is definitely my creative outlet,” Urso said. “I mean I just love sitting in bed editing my day in the life video and then posting it the next day brings me so much joy.”

After 5 national titles with UT baseball, things get even better for Joe Urso

Tampa Bay Times
By Kristie Ackert
March 10, 2023

Coaching his son, J.D., began as a challenge, but the experience has given the Spartans coach a new perspective that he believes has made his program even stronger.

Corporations are keeping food expensive because, well, they can

By Allison Morrow
March 8, 2023

Mark Lang, an associate professor of marketing, who specializes in food marketing, was quoted in this piece about food prices.

University of Tampa swimmers ready to make a splash at Nationals

By Kevin O’Donnell
Feb. 28, 2023

The University of Tampa Spartans swim team is ready to make a National splash. The Spartans qualified and are sending a school record 27 men and women to the Division II National Championships in Indianapolis. On the women's side, the Spartans are sending the maximum allowed 18 women.

Allstate Insurance Review

By Delaney Simchuk
Feb. 27, 2023

Associate professor of marketing at the University of Tampa, Jennifer Burton was interviewed for this piece about Allstate Insurance.

Gov. DeSantis’ new migration law is expensive political theater | Column

Tampa Bay Times
Michael A. Coon and Abigail R. Hall
Feb. 24, 2023

Associate professors of economics Michael Coon and Abigail Hall Blanco penned an op-ed for the Tampa Bay Times about Gov. Ron DeSantis’ new migration law.

How Mentorship Can Benefit Both the Mentor and the Mentee

U.S. News & World Report
Feb. 23, 2023

Kirk Hazlett, a communications professor at The University of Tampa, says in this article that mentors can provide “an insider’s look into the role and organization” the mentee aspires to join.

Joe Urso’s 23 Years Coaching University Of Tampa Baseball Has Been ‘A Dream Come True’

By Tom Layberger
Feb. 20, 2023

The opportunity to take his baseball career back to the University of Tampa, his alma mater, and in the city where he was born and raised, arrived in late 2000 after the previous manager, former UT player Terry Rupp, departed to take over at Maryland. It was too good of an opportunity to pass up, and one Urso thought would offer a stable lifestyle.

Arkansas Gov. Sanders dings Biden: He 'set the bar low' for Republican SOTU response

New York Times Post
Feb. 10, 2023

The New York Times Post mentions President Biden’s visit to the University of Tampa. Also mentioned on Fox News, CNN, NBC News, Vanity Fair.

WalletHub makes it easy to find the best business credit card for a new business.

By John Kiernan
Feb. 9, 2023

Associate teaching professor of management James Welch was quoted in this article about the best business credit cards for new businesses.

Biden to speak at University of Tampa following State of the Union address

NBC News Now
Feb. 9, 2023

President Biden is set to speak at The University of Tampa, where he’s expected to focus on issues like social security, Medicare and healthcare costs as he ramps up to a potential 2024 re-election bid.

Also seen on WUSF Public Media.

2023’s Best and Worst Cities for Football Fans

By Adam McCann
Feb. 6, 2023

James Weiner, assistant professor of sport management, was interviewed in this piece about the biggest challenges facing football today, strategies for fans to enjoy watching football games and more.

Tampa Spartans hockey looks for undefeated season

By Sean Barie
Fox 13 News
Jan. 27, 2023

The Tampa club hockey team is seeking an undefeated season and the program’s first-ever national title.

Defending National Champions Tampa Favored by SSC Coaches in 2023 Preseason Men’s Lacrosse Poll

Florida Lacrosse News
Jan. 24, 2023

For the 10th year, head coaches have selected the University of Tampa Spartans as the preseason number one. A third consecutive regular season championship is anticipated for the Spartans, cites Florida Lacrosse News. The women’s lacrosse team has also been named a preseason favorite, according to Florida Lacrosse News.

Nursing shortage continues across country

By Megan Myers
Jan. 26, 2023

Associate professor Mary Ann D’Alesandro talked about the nursing shortage, which she says has been a problem for years and comes in waves. According to D’Alesandro, enrollment in the nursing program increased from 60 to 88 students every admitting year.

Hillsborough Schools Honor Top Teachers and Staffers

By Gordon Byrd
News Radio WFLA
Jan. 26, 2023

Nicolette Barone, part-time faculty at UT, was named the Teacher of the Year by the Hillsborough Education Foundation. 

UT Spartans baseball team spends week helping those living in poverty in the Dominican Republic

By Kevin O’Donnell
FOX 13
Jan. 25, 2023

The UT baseball team went on a week-long goodwill trip to Dominican Republic, to assist a community living in poverty.

UT Ferman Center for the Arts: A new artistic hub emerges in Tampa

By Joanne Milani
83 Degrees
Jan. 17, 2023

Opened in April 2021, the four-story, 90,000-square-foot facility features a 200-seat theater and other performance spaces, sculpture studios, art galleries, dance studio, rehearsal spaces, music practice rooms, computer lab and a state-of-the-art recording studio. Students, faculty and visiting artists such as upcoming performers Amernet String Quartet (Jan. 22), The Hip Pocket Jazz Quartet (Jan. 23) and the Lysander Piano Trio (March 17) converge on the center to create.

Tampa music scene staple Mike Ingold launches guitar fabrication company with free concert

By Ray Roa
Creative Loafing
Jan. 11, 2023

Mike Ingold is a goddamn utility knife in the Tampa music scene toolbox, and after 20 years in the field of art and design, the musician, professor and manager of University of Tampa’s 3D Fabrication Studio is finally starting his own company that designs and builds bespoke guitars for discerning musicians.

Why Israel won’t change course on Ukraine

By Lawrence Ukenye, Alexander Ward and Matt Berg
Jan. 11, 2023

Nicole Ford, a political science and international studies professor was quoted in the Politico piece. “Once those Iranian drones started showing up in Ukraine, it became pretty alarming for them,” she said.

Experts share tips for life-saving skills after Damar Hamlin medical emergency

ABC Action News
Jan. 3, 2023

Associate professor and director of the Athletic Training program JC Andersen weighs in on life-saving skills following the Damar Hamlin medical emergency.

Multi-Million Dollar Crypto Portfolio: College Student Continues Investing

By Julia Hazel
Spectrum News
Dec. 27, 2022

Sophomore Jackson Shembekar talks about his investment history and his hopes of making it to the big leagues in baseball.

J.B. Clarke, Ryan Sullivan Honored as National Coaches of the Year

Florida Lacrosse News
Dec. 10, 2022

Following a run in the 2022 NCAA Championships that resulted in the program’s first-ever national championship, University of Tampa head coach J.B. Clarke and assistant coach Ryan Sullivan were recognized by the United States Intercollegiate Lacrosse Association as its Coaches of the Year for NCAA Division II.

Two Floridians offered WWE developmental contracts

By John Reynolds
Suncoast News Network
Dec. 7, 2022

At IMG Academy in Bradenton, 30 athletes, including UT alum Melanie Brzezinski were put to the test to become WWE talent over the course of three days. Ultimately, Brzezinski was offered a developmental contract with the company.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Florida

By Candace Baker
Nov. 30, 2022

Assistant professor of economics Thomas Stockwell was one of the experts listed in this article about cheap car insurance in the state of Florida.

Florida Special Olympics Recognizes Mary Frances Smith For Her Extraordinary Accomplishments

By Lily Belcher
Osprey Observer
Nov. 23, 2022

Mary Frances Smith, who is a member of the University’s Unified Flag Football Team, was named Florida’s Special Olympics Athlete of the Year.

Big gift will support UT's new honors college

By Lauren Coffey
Tampa Bay Business Journal
Nov. 7, 2022

The University of Tampa will build a new academic building to house its honors college after a familiar name made a major donation.

Election 2022: The Case to Vote

WEDU Special
Nov. 3, 2022

Mary Anderson, professor of political science and international studies, was a panelist on the WEDU Special "Election 2022: The Case to Vote." The special explores the topics of voting security, disinformation, fatigue and confidence.

Jed Inspires Ongoing Mental Health and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Programs at the University of Tampa
The Jed Foundation

The Jed Foundation
Nov. 1, 2022

Since partnering with The Jed Foundation (JED) in 2018, UT has made a number of improvements to its mental health infrastructure. Gina Firth, Assistant Vice President of Wellness the University of Tampa, explains that while working with JED, “We have recognized that mental health concerns are more nuanced across identity groups, and a variety of support is necessary, which led to the creation of a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) Office. It is now fully staffed and led by a Chief Diversity Officer.” 

Smoking, Vaping Appear to Have Similar Cardiovascular Health Effects

By Tony Hicks
Oct. 26, 2022

Mary Martinasek, a respiratory therapist and associate professor in public health at the University of Tampa was quoted in this Healthline article about how to quit smoking.

She stated, “We know that the evidenced-based way to quit smoking is through ‘quit coach’ counseling paired with nicotine replacement therapy (e.g., patch, gum, lozenge, etc.) sold at your local drug stores over-the-counter.”

World’s Largest Hammock Hangout

Oct. 20, 2022

Sophomores Sophie Dickerman and Haley Tisone are hoping to make history this weekend with the world’s largest hammock hangout. The students are hosting a giant hammock hangout on the St. Pete Pier to bring awareness to mental health and relaxation. Dickerman and Tisone founded a hammock company, Coast to Coast, last year as first-year students at UT.

This story also appeared on WTSP and WiLD 94.1(Orlando).

How Secure Is Cryptocurrency?

By Frank Wiley
Oct. 19, 2022

John Dorrell, assistant professor of economics, differentiates Bitcoin from the rest of cryptocurrency and gives insight on the security of crypto’s technology.

New Bells at UT Played for The First Time

Fox 13
Oct. 7, 2022

The sound of bells rang out across The University of Tampa campus as the Ars Sonora was played for the first time during rehearsals for the opening concert on Saturday. Philippe Paccard, president of the Paccard Foundry that built the Ars Sonora, gives some background on the sculpture and shows how the bells are played from a remote piano keyboard.

A similar story appeared on ABC Action News.

UT Breaks Ground on 10-story Multipurpose Building, Its Largest Yet

By Lauren Coffey
Tampa Bay Business Journal
Oct. 7, 2022

The 10-story multipurpose building, a combination of a residence hall, classroom and office building, and parking deck, is expected to be completed by Fall 2024.

UT Student Drives Supplies to Hurricane Ian Survivors in Fort Myers

Spectrum Bay News 9
Oct. 7, 2022

Sophomore Chloe Ottani helped raise more than $2,500 to help victims of Hurricane Ian. After posting in a Fort Myers Facebook group to ask for the most-needed items, Ottani set up a GoFundMe page for people to send donations.

This story also appeared on WTNH (Hartford-New Haven, CT).

A Plant City Movie Stars McKenna Grace, Dacre Montgomery, Jesse Williams

By Paul Guzzo
The Tampa Bay Times
Oct. 4, 2022

Tamara Austin ’12 booked a role in “Spider & Jessie,” which was filmed primarily in Plant City for 22 days spanning August and September.

Biden’s Visit to Puerto Rico After Hurricane Fiona Provides Key Crisis Response Lessons

By Edward Segal
Oct. 3, 2022

”First and foremost, President Biden (or any senior official visiting the site of a disaster) should take in mind the disruption to ongoing search-and-rescue efforts that the visit will inevitably cause,” said Kirk Hazlett, part-time communication faculty. “Acknowledge the inconvenience and promise to do whatever is possible to minimize inconvenience,” he suggested.

Art Axis Florida: When Freedom Rings

Sept. 30, 2022

Arthur Hollist, professor of English, speaks about the art of writing specifically with African Diaspora writers, what he tries to instill in his students and how stories in the realm of these human experiences help diversify our understanding of one another and are so important to tell.  

Her fish wasn’t allowed to fly, so an airline worker looked after it for months

By Cathy Free
The Washington Post
Sept. 30, 2022

When at the airport heading home, Kira Rumfola, an early-childhood education major at UT, was told she couldn’t bring her pet fish on the plane due to the airline’s pet policy. However, an airline employee offered to babysit him over break, and the two kept in touch about his well-being over the summer.

This story also appeared in the Seattle Times, Jewish World Review, Nashville Public Radio, KNPR (Las Vegas), KNOW (Minneapolis), KJZZ (Phoenix), WYPR (Baltimore), KOPB (Portland), WLRN (Miami), KUOW (Seattle), KUT (Austin) and Keene Sentinel Online.

‘Damage Is Insane’: University of Tampa Student From Hingham Describes Hurricane Ian

CBS Boston
Sept. 29, 2022

First-year student Terrence Concannon was one of few UT students who stayed in Tampa during Hurricane Ian. "From what I see on Twitter, the damage is insane," said Concannon. "The storm surge completely wiped everything out."

‘People Are Nervous’: Floridians Head to Philly as Hurricane Ian Bares Down on Gulf Coast

FOX 29 Philadelphia
Sept. 26, 2022

As Hurricane Ian bares down on Florida, some Floridians have heeded warnings from forecasters and headed to the Philadelphia-area to seek shelter. Jilly Cohen, a first-year student who was just weeks into her first semester at the University of Tampa, arrived at Philadelphia International Airport after snagging the last seat on a plane. "It's crazy right now, all the flights are insane, there are, like, no flights," said Cohen, who was evacuated to her home in Maryland when the university closed down. 

UT Ranked Among Bloomberg’s Best Business Schools

By Devonta Davis
Tampa Bay Business Journal
Sept. 23, 2022

UT's Sykes College of Business MBA program has been named to Bloomberg Businessweek's ranking of the best business schools of 2022-2023. The program ranked No. 79 overall out of 117 business schools in the U.S. and the world and is the only ranked program in Tampa Bay.

University Rolls Out Series of Programs for Entrepreneurs

Business Observer
Sept. 22, 2022

UT’s Lowth Entrepreneurship Center has launched the Start-up Studio, a new resource for practicing and aspiring entrepreneurs. According to a news release, Start-up Studio programming will focus on personal growth, skill development and transformation of founders as well as companies. 

The Federal Reserve Is Expected to Raise Interest Rates Today

Spectrum Bay News 9
Sept. 21, 2022 

Thomas Stockwell, associate professor of economics, shared his expertise on the federal interest rate increase. “If those raising interest rates help us bring inflation under control, then that will be a good thing,” said Stockwell.

This story also appeared on Central Florida News 13.

King Charles III’s First Public Speech Sets Tone and Direction For Monarchy

By Edward Segal
Sept. 10, 2022

Kirk Hazlett, part-time communication faculty, was quoted recounting King Charles III’s first public speech after the death of Queen Elizabeth II. “King Charles checked off all the boxes in an effective crisis communication public address,” said Hazlett. 

ABC Action News
Sept. 9, 2022

Dallis Williams, a senior at UT, is playing the main character of Celie in Stageworks Theatre’s production of The Color Purple: The Musical. Williams and Karla Hartley, producing artistic director of the musical and part-time theatre faculty, describe the process of bringing this musical to Tampa Bay.

News Analysis: Vietnam and Afghanistan: America’s Two Longest Wars, With Very Different Lasting Impacts

By Tracy Wilkinson
Los Angeles Times
Sept. 5, 2022

Abby Hall Blanco, associate professor of economics, said that during the Vietnam War, almost everyone in the U.S. knew someone fighting in Southeast Asia, and therefore could not ignore the war. Now that enlisting in the military is voluntary, Americans today “don’t have the same type of personal consequence in the Afghanistan war,” according to Hall Blanco.

This story also appeared in EIN News, Stars and Stripes Online and Walla Wala Union-Bulletin.

Economist Says Slight Unemployment Increase in August Could Be a Good Sign

By Jada Williams
ABC Action News
Sept. 2, 2022

The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ August jobs report shows a higher unemployment rate than the July report, but Thomas Stockwell, associate professor of economics, said the latest report isn't all bad. "Inflation still remains very, very high, and the Federal Reserve is taking actions to try to bring inflation down,” said Stockwell. “Those actions that the Federal Reserve is doing will cause the unemployment rate to go up.”

Fall semester starts at the University of Tampa on Monday, with thousands of students heading back to campus

By Larissa Scott
ABC Action News
Aug. 29, 2022

Thousands of students are heading back to campus for the first day of classes.

A similar story appeared on CBS Tampa Bay and Spectrum Bay News 9.

University of Tampa Women Earn Academic Lacrosse Honors

By Joe Henderson
The Tampa Bay 100
Aug. 16, 2022

The University of Tampa had eight players named to the Intercollegiate Women’s Lacrosse Coaches Association 2022 Academic Honor Roll. The players included seniors Hannah Bush, Lizzie Pierpont and Erin Sistek and juniors Riley Coleman, Cece Colombo, Emma McLoughlin, Abby Selhorn and Alex Walling. Eligible student-athletes must be either a junior, senior or graduate student and have earned a cumulative academic GPA of at least 3.50. In all, the IWLCA honored 517 student athletes from 68 different institutions.

Educators Voice Their Concerns and Hopes Ahead of a New School Year

By Matthew Peddie
Aug. 9, 2022

Theoni Soublis, professor of education, discusses teacher morale amid new laws around the teaching of race, gender identity and sexual orientation.

Behind the Whistle: Three Questions for Kelly Gallagher

USA Lacrosse Magazine
Aug. 3, 2022

Kelly Gallagher, head coach of the women’s lacrosse team, said the proudest moments of her career were starting the UT women’s lacrosse program and receiving the inaugural Stand As One award from the athletic department in 2019.

New Programs, Incentives Aim to Recruit and Retain Educators as ‘Burned Out’ Teachers Pursue Other Professions

By Allie Corey
FOX 13
Aug. 3, 2022

Adrienne Wilson, associate professor of education, breaks down some of the main reasons why teachers across the nation are experiencing burnout and leaving the profession. UT is working on several initiatives to recruit new teachers to the education field, one of which is a major in professional education.

I Was a Long-time PR Pro, and Florida Power & Light Ought To Know Better

By Kirk Hazlett
Tampa Bay Times
Aug. 2, 2022

Kirk Hazlett, part-time communication faculty, wrote a guest opinion article about Florida Power & Light hiring a political consulting firm to manipulate journalists and news articles in the utility company’s favor.

Univ. of Tampa Honors Comic Artist “Bob Layton”

FOX 13 Tampa Bay
Aug. 1, 2022

UT is hosting a pop-up exhibit of Layton’s comic book work from over the years at the Scarfone/Hartley Gallery. Jocelyn Boigenzahn, director of the College of Arts and Letters galleries, also previews an upcoming exhibit featuring pieces from the Ferman Wood Art Collection.

A similar story appeared in the Tampa Bay Times.

Why Would Russians Care To Interfere With St. Pete Politics? Experts Say There Are Several Reasons

July 30, 2022

Russian involvement with the Uhuru House in St. Petersburg, FL may have influenced St. Pete’s mayoral election in 2017. Nicole Ford, part-time political science faculty, says that this kind of interference can create division in the community that Russian’s could benefit from.

The Great Gaming Consolidation Trundles on Despite Economic Downturn

By Seb Joseph
July 21, 2022

The video game industry is burning despite the economy heading toward a recession. Millennial and Gen Z adults, the first generations to grow up with video games, will keep the industry alive if need be. James Weiner, assistant professor of sport management, explained, “If the past few years has taught me anything about the market, it is not to discount a bunch of internet-savvy, well-organized millennials and Gen Zs who have expendable income for the first time in their lives and may invest with their hearts rather than their heads.”

Jax-based Skillstorm Expands With University of Tampa Partnership

By Lauren Coffey
Tampa Bay Business Journal
July 14, 2022 

Jacksonville-based SkillStorm has partnered with the University of Tampa to launch two tech skills-building programs in the hopes it turns the region into a “talent tech hub.”  UT and SkillStorm are launching an “accelerator program” and “emerging tech program,” both aimed at filling talent gaps in the Sunshine State. “UT already has a broad array of quality information technology programs; however, we envision adding further opportunities for students,” President  Ronald Vaughn said in a statement. “The partnership with SkillStorm is a tremendous asset, not only for students but also for area technology companies.”

Sharper Insight: Hostage Diplomacy

July 14, 2022

As the U.S. and Russia may be preparing to negotiate a prisoner exchange, Nicole Ford, part-time political science faculty, explains how hostage diplomacy works.

Which has a stronger bite: hammerheads or tiger sharks?

Melissa Hobson
National Geographic
July 12, 2022

Despite being two feet smaller than the hammerhead, the tiger shark has a bite power that was 70 percent higher. Dan Huber, professor of political science, says that’s what he would expect based on his mathematical models.

Dr. Joonie’s Examinavan Brings School Physicals To Area Homes

By Sharon Still
Osprey Observer
July 1, 2022

June Bryant, assistant professor of nursing, operates Dr. Joonie’s Examinavan mobile healthcare service. The Examinavan travels to patients’ homes in Manatee and Hillsborough County to conveniently provide basic healthcare services. “I have a passion for serving vulnerable populations and bringing them the health care that they deserve,” said Bryant.

Opinion: As the Court Forces Christianity on America, Time for Atheists To Speak Out

By Kate Cohen
The Washington Post
June 30, 2022

The Supreme Court is changing laws on the basis of religion, but the percentage of Americans who believe in God has dropped from 87% to 81% in the past five years. ‘“It could be that the increase in the number of atheists is a direct result of Christian nationalism,” said Ryan Cragun, professor of sociology. “They seem to be dominating the rhetoric. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is legitimately backlash against it and people saying, ‘You know what? I’m an atheist.'"

A similar story appeared in The Salt Lake Tribune and Religion News Service Online.

Crypto Curious: Academics, Bankers, Entrepreneurs Look to the Future of Money

By Brian Hartz
Business Observer
June 30, 2022

John Dorrell, assistant professor of economics, believes cryptocurrency is the future of money. He suggests that businesses would be wise to begin exploring crypto, but that it isn’t essential quite yet. Crypto companies, Dorrell explains, need to do a better job of creating apps and other infrastructure that’s easy for “regular people” to use.

University of Tampa Degree Launches Students Into Business

By Adrienne Bankert
News Nation
June 23, 2022

Rebecca White, James W. Walter Distinguished Chair of entrepreneurship, director of the Lowth Entrepreneurship Center and professor of entrepreneurship, and Dean Koutroumanis, associate director of the Lowth Entrepreneurship Center, internship coordinator and professor of management, share a glimpse inside UT’s Lowth Entrepreneurship Center. Koutroumanis was once a UT student himself and returned to UT to teach after launching his own restaurants. Jemaine Browne, senior media services technician, is pursuing a master’s in entrepreneurship and is learning things he never thought was possible for himself.

This story also appeared on KHMT (Billings, MT), WFXV (Utica, NY), WLAX (La Crosse, WI), and WJMN (Marquette, WI).

University of Tampa Bulks up Certificate Offerings as More Workers Reevaluate Post-pandemic Careers

By Lauren Coffey
Tampa Bay Business Journal
June 22, 2022

UT has nearly quintupled its certificate offerings as more workers are seeking new careers in a post-pandemic world. “The pandemic left many adult workers needing to find alternative ways to enhance their knowledge and skills in order to become more marketable or move into new careers,”  Art Goon, UT’s executive director of graduate and continuing studies, said in a statement. “These graduate certificates will provide them with the education they need to pursue their career goals in a shorter period.”

Tampa’s Beddow Honored as SSC Male Athlete of the Year

Florida Lacrosse News
June 22, 2022

Rising senior Matthew Beddow has been named the 2021-22 Sunshine State Conference male athlete of the year after finishing the season as a national champion. USILA also named Beddow national player of the year and the defensive player of the year. He is the fifth Tampa student-athlete to be honored as SSC Male Athlete of the Year and the first since 2007-08.

How Did the Lightning Make Tampa Bay Fall in Love With Hockey?

By Joey Knight
Tampa Bay Times
June 17, 2022

In a traditionally football-oriented community, the Lightning have Tampa Bay’s full support. UT student Emily Pesquera, who moved from New Jersey eight years ago and attended the Amalie Arena watch party for Game 1 of the Stanley Cup final. “We had street hockey, ice hockey in P.E., so the Lightning just did a lot for the community and made us ... want to become Lightning fans. And it’s just cool to have a hockey team in Florida. We would never think that there would be such a big deal for hockey in Florida,” said Pesquera.

University of Tampa Men’s Lacrosse Team Are National Champions!

June 15, 2022

Colin White ’21, M.S. ’22, Marc Whitaker ’22 and a few of their teammates from the UT men’s lacrosse team visited the WFLA studio after winning the NCAA Division II National Championship to show the anchors some moves from the field.

App Helps Young Adults Navigate the Real World

By Allie Corey
FOX 13
June 15, 2022

Jaden Greenwald ’24 and Gershom Vacarizas ’17, MBA ’21, M.S. ’23 were interviewed by FOX 13 for an article about college students preparing for the “real world.” A new app, called RealWorld, was launched to assist recent graduates and young adults with starting a credit card, filing taxes, navigating insurance plans and more. Greenwald and Vacarizas agreed that they would benefit from the helpful app.

How To Host A Congressional Hearing That Actually, Like, Does Something

By Kaleigh Rogers
June 9, 2022

In recent years, Congress has held fewer hearings and is hearing from fewer witnesses. According to Johnathan Lewallen, assistant professor of political science, those witnesses are presenting a narrower range of views.

Meet the 20-Year-old UT Student Who’s Working With Roblox To Save the Ocean

By Lauren Coffey
Tampa Bay Business Journals
June 9, 2022

Bryan Lee ’24 launched the video game-creating company, Aquatica Studios, in April after working full-time with Roblox, a gaming platform. Aquatica Studios is partnering with Roblox and The Hydrous, a nonprofit organization dedicated to expanding ocean conservation efforts, to create an interactive game that allows users to get a feel for ocean life and boost conservation awareness.

Tampa Men’s Lacrosse Wins First National Championship

Florida Lacrosse News
May 29, 2022

For the first time in program history, the Spartans men’s lacrosse team won the NCAA DII National Championship. UT becomes the southernmost school in the nation to win a men’s lacrosse title, as head coach J.B. Clarke captured his fourth national championship.

A similar story appeared on Bay News 9.

How Folds of Honor Opens Doors for Young-Snell

The Golf Channel
May 25, 2022

As Memorial Day approaches, the nation reminisces and thanks its fallen soldiers that fought for freedom. The Folds of Honor scholarship supports families of fallen or injured soldiers in their post-secondary education. Khalil Young-Snell '25, a recipient of the Folds of Honor scholarship, is honoring his father by putting his scholarship towards a physical therapy degree. 

UT Economist: Underlying Economic Fundamentals Make Current Inflation Difficult To Shake

By Alexis Muellner
Tampa Bay Business Journal
May 25, 2022

Some people are thinking the 2008 recession will help us avoid another one. Despite current uncertainty around labor, wages, real estate, and financial markets, the circumstances now are different, said Vivekanand Jayakumar, associate professor of economics at The University of Tampa.

Rays’ Kevin Kiermaier Saves the University of Tampa’s Baseball Season

By Kevin O’Donnell
FOX 13
May 24, 2022

Spartans baseball was about to get knocked out of the NCAA tournament when they pulled off a strategic double play in the last inning and won in overtime. They learned the play from Tampa Bay Rays outfielder Kevin Kiermaier, who works out with the Spartans during the offseason. "K.K. Facetimed me the next day," said Joe Urso, head baseball coach. "He said it was the best message, voicemail that anyone has ever left him with the outfielders and me screaming and hollering 10 minutes after this 'W'."

Full Circle Florida

ABC Action News
May 15, 2022

Thomas Stockwell, assistant professor of economics, discusses President Biden’s role in inflation and the housing economy.

Tampa Bay Coast Guard Auxiliary Helps Set Students up for Success

By Alese Underwood
Bay News 9
May 11, 2022

For the last year and a half, Amber Porter ’23 has been meeting virtually once a week as part of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary’s University Program Remote Collaborative Unit. “I think it’s been a really great opportunity," Porter said. "I was really interested in going into the Coast Guard, but I also wanted to pursue my degree — I wanted to get the whole college experience," said Porter.

Under the Minarets, Teaching History at Tampa’s Henry B. Plant Museum

By Philip Morgan
Tampa Bay Times
May 8, 2022

Lindsay Huban, interim director of the Plant Museum, shares the history of the Tampa Bay Hotel in a Q&A.

Fake News and Propaganda Fuel Russian Lies, but Are People Falling For It?

By Michael Paluska
ABC Action News
May 5, 2022

A new exhibit at the Plant Museum highlighting the role of the reporters and yellow journalism during the War of 1898 shows how Tampa was at the center of some of the first accounts of fake news. And, how some of those same tactics are still in use today. In this story, Charles McGraw Groh, associate professor of history, compares the parallels between news on the internet today and the newspapers in 1898.

University of Tampa Professor Says Inflation Will Persist Despite Fed Rate Hike

By Josh Rojas
Bay News 9
May 4, 2022 

Thomas Stockwell, assistant professor of economics,  said the federal reserve raising interest rates by 0.5% will not be enough to cool down inflation, but it's a step in the right direction. Stockwell said he expects the fed to raise rates by another 0.5% in June. The rate will likely be raised by a total of approximately 3% by the end of this year, according to Stockwell.

Why Are American Chips So Boring?

By Jaya Saxena
May 2, 2022

People are wondering why American grocery stores don’t carry the exotic potato chip flavors that stores in other countries offer. Mark Lang, associate professor of marketing, says this unwillingness to take risks on products extends to manufacturing and retail as well. “A product has to appeal to more than half the people in the country to fit into their factories and take up the millions of units that they put through their factories,” he says.

War, Lies and Tampa: Plant Museum Explores Area’s Place in Spanish-American War of 1898

By Virginia Johnson
Bay News 9
April 26, 2022

Charles McGraw Groh, associate professor of history, curated the exhibition Stop the Presses! Fake News and The War of 1898 for the Plant Museum. When the museum was the Tampa Bay Hotel, it was the headquarters of the U.S. Army prior to their invasion of Cuba. The exhibition includes sketches originating in Tampa of war correspondent Frederick Remington, who published false news about the conditions in Cuba during this era.

University of Tampa to Break Ground on Major On-campus Redevelopment

By Ashley Gurbal
FOX 13
April 25, 2022

UT plans to demolish its former aquatic center, East Walker Hall, North Walker Hall and the Jaeb Computer Center to make room for a 10-story multipurpose building. The new facility will include space for housing, faculty offices, classrooms, study lounges and parking. Construction for the new building will begin in May and is expected to be finished in 2024.

Cutting-edge Virtual Studio Prepares UT Students for Future Film Careers

FOX 13
April 24, 2022

UT’s new virtual production studio features a brand new 30-foot-long curved LED wall that looks like a giant computer monitor. "In the space, we can put any image we want behind an actor and have actually real-life actors and props in front of it and we can change the background to fit whatever we’re doing," Walker stated in the segment. Walker says the benefit to students is unmeasurable. "It’s really cool because I get to actually see what the profession I’m going into is. It’s an emerging media," said Hannah Sam, a junior at UT.

University of Tampa Announces Plans for More Student Housing

By Divya Kumar
Tampa Bay Times
April 22, 2022

UT announced plans for its biggest building yet: a 450,000-square-foot, 10-story structure with housing for more than 600 students. The building also will have more than 450 parking spaces, 40 faculty offices, five classrooms, study rooms and other spaces, the university said. Plans are still in development, university spokesman Eric Cárdenas said, and more details including renderings and costs will be released in the future.

UT Brothers Bring Taste of Hamptons to Sparkman Wharf

By Daisy Ruth
April 22, 2022 

Grant and Austin Gappelburg, brothers and entrepreneurship students at UT, are the owners and operators of Hampton Chocolate Factory in Sparkman Wharf. After working in their family-owned Hampton Chocolate Factory in New York throughout childhood, they bought and opened their own franchise this spring.

Shelton Firm Delivers 94 Easter Baskets to Three Shelters

Shelton Herald
April 17, 2022

For about two decades, DiMatteo Group Financial Services has delivered Easter baskets to local women and children’s shelters. UT MBA student Jessica DiMatteo spearheaded this year’s drive. "Now more than ever, our Easter baskets will bring joy to local children who lack the basic essentials. We hope to bring smiles of delight to these children," said DiMatteo.

Morning Joe: Kremlin Warns U.S. To Stop Arming Ukraine

April 15, 2022

Nicole Ford, part-time political science faculty and expert on Russia’s relationship with former Soviet countries, gave her insight on Putin’s next moves in the war against Ukraine.

Tampa Virtual Studio Continues Expansion Into University of Tampa

By Lauen Coffey
Tampa Bay Business Journal
April 15, 2022

Vū studios donated $750,000 worth of virtual production equipment to UT amidst their plans for rapid expansion nationwide. The donation includes Vū's signature LED screen and 120 hours of training and stage time for students. This partnership will not only benefit UT's degree programs — specifically those in the Department of Film, Animation and New Media — but will also benefit Vū, as they are creating a robust pool of talent to recruit from in the future.

Will EU’s Hawks Kill Off Free Trade With Asia?

By David Hutt
Asia Times
April 13, 2022

Vivekanand Jayakumar, associate professor of economics, was quoted regarding the European Union stating, “Following the peak of the recent globalization wave, we are now entering the de-globalization phase.” Jayakumar suggests we are entering an era of greater protection and self-sufficiency when it comes to trade.

Hillsborough County Public Schools Looking for College Students, Recent Grads for Fellowship Program

By Mary O’Connell
ABC Action News 
April 11, 2022

Hillsborough County Public Schools needs help building a new program aimed at supporting vulnerable students and schools. Sydney Shields '24 is a fellow at Dunbar Elementary Magnet School in Tampa, helping and supporting the students in any way they need. As a fellow, she will serve alongside teachers as a tutor, mentor and support staff. This not only benefits the students, but also helps the teachers by giving them extra time to plan, figure out lessons and spend time with their students, according to Shields.

Sam Militello Does Not Plan To Leave UT Baseball Family Anytime Soon

By Tom Ponzo
95.3 WDAE
April 5, 2022

Sam Militello, associate head coach of Spartans baseball, discussed baseball history and his playing career, the UT family and turning down offers elsewhere. The conversation also goes into the evolution of coaching and technology, as well as how to balance coaching today’s athlete.

Mayfield Teen Kelsey Roth Releases First Single, ‘I H8 Strangers’

By Becky Raspe
Cleveland Jewish News
April 5, 2022

Kelsey Roth '25, a music production major, released her first single “I H8 Strangers.” It is available to stream on Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music and Pandora. Roth describes her music genre as pop-punk and she is working with Grand Bay Studios in Tampa to release her second single.

Scarborough band helps Ukrainian children

By Alexis Wells
Portland Press Herald
April 1, 2022

The band Strac, formed by brothers Evan '24 and Noah Stracqualursi, is teaming up with Children of the Earth organization, working to find housing for families fleeing Ukraine. Evan attends UT and studies music. The brothers wanted to put their music towards something positive. They hope to raise $100,000.

University of Tampa Will Recognize Service Dog as ‘Honorary Nursing Student’

By Hannah Dineen
10 Tampa Bay
March 31, 2022

Leigh Dittman '22 is graduating from the nursing program in May, with honors, and her service dog, Nerf, will be walking the stage with her at the commencement ceremony. Dittman was born with brittle bone disease and Nerf allows her to live, work and attend school independently. She hopes to work at a Tampa-area hospital with women or children.

UT Wrestler Completes Championship Comeback

By Kevin Lewis
ABC Action News
March 30, 2022

Maggie Palmore '24 recently won the National Collegiate Wrestling Association championship title at 155 pounds. Palmore previously had several injuries that took her out of the sport, but with practice and training, she was able to get back involved at UT. She says the amount of support she has from her coach and teammates is what really pushed her through to wrestle again.

Poynter Institute Hosts Event in Tampa on Fake News and Democracy

By Meghan Christopher
83 Degrees
March 29, 2022

The event, The History of Fake News: From the War of 1898 to the 2022 Russian Invasion of Ukraine, will be held at the University of Tampa’s Henry B. Plant Museum. There is a new exhibit called Stop the Presses! Fake News and the War of 1898. The exhibit was curated by Charles McGraw Groh, associate professor of history, and explores the effects of yellow journalism on democracy during critical moments of history.

Fitch Revises University of Tampa’s Outlook To Positive, A-minus Affirmed

By Chip Barnett
The Bond Buyer
March 28, 2022

Fitch Ratings revised the University of Tampa’s rating from stable to positive, which reflects UT’s strong operating performance throughout the pandemic. There are expectations for UT to upgrade to an A from an A-minus in the next two years due to its continued operating performance. UT has also had a strong enrollment growth and consistent cash flow since 2017.

UT Spartans Lacrosse Team Earns Nation’s Top-ranking for First Time After Hiring Rival Coach

By Kevin O'Donnell
FOX 13
March 23, 2022

J.B. Clarke, once considered a rival, is now in charge of coaching the men’s lacrosse program at UT. Within eight games, he led the Spartans to number one national ranking in Division II. The team welcomed Clarke with open arms.

Talking History Lecture Series Begins This Week at American Revolution Museum

By Wilford Kale
The Virginia Gazette
March 22, 2022

The second annual Talking History Lecture Series will be led by a lecture about loyalist female writers of the American Revolution. Kacy Tillman, professor of English, will speak on her area of specialty of 18 th century manuscript culture, focusing on her book “Stripped and Script: Loyalist Women Writers of the American Revolution.”

University of Tampa Unveils $20M+ Expanded Fitness Center

By Lauren Coffey
Tampa Bay Business Journals
March 21, 2022

The expansion of the fitness center at the University of Tampa is complete and was unveiled on Monday. Additions to the center include workout spaces and equipment, training space, expanded space for BikeUT, academic classrooms, faculty offices, and student study spaces, and teaching and research space. The expansion also includes a new aquatic center.

15 Minute COVID PCR Tests ‘Too Good To Be True,’ Experts Say

By Adam Walser
ABC Action News
March 21, 2022

A local medical clinic was advertising 15 minute rapid PCR tests for COVID. However, experts say that is too good to be true. Scott Witherow, associate professor of biochemistry, said that PCR tests are far too complicated to provide accurate results that quickly. He believes no technology currently exists that allows health professionals to conduct 15-minute PCR tests.

Most Exclusive Credit Cards

By John Kiernan
March 15, 2022

Pranjal Gupta, associate professor of marketing, was quoted as an expert in an article about today’s most prestigious credit cards. Gupta gave insight on the status symbol of credit cards, who benefits most from the exclusive brands and how to spot the exclusive cards instead of their knockoffs.

A Look Into the University of Tampa Film School

10 Tampa Bay
March 11, 2022

Ahead of the Gasparilla Film Festival, students and faculty in the Department of Film, Animation and New Media give a sneak peek inside their classrooms and facilities.

As U.S. and Russia Lock Horns, China Waits, Watches — and Plots to Pounce

By Selwyn Duke
The New American
March 11, 2022

Because taking on Russia militarily risks nuclear war, the U.S. has opted for economic war instead. But recent “moves by the West to weaponize dollar-based global finance may yet provide the necessary spur for China to speed up measures to reduce its reliance on the U.S. dollar and create an alternate global financial payments system,” said Vivekanand Jayakumar, associate professor of economics, last week. 

Beckles & Recher: Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Tom Ponzo
March 9, 2022

On Wednesday’s show, Ian and Jay welcome Joe Urso, head coach of Spartans baseball, the nation’s top ranked Division II team. Urso discussed the season’s upcoming conference play and potential championship title.

University of Tampa Hockey Advances to Nationals as No. 1 Seed

By Kyle Burger
ABC Action News
March 8, 2022

UT's men’s hockey program is having its best season in the team’s 12-year history. “We’ve accomplished a lot,” Spartans forward Stephen Buck '22 said. “We’ve been grinding since the first week of school.” That grind includes 27 wins, one loss and one tie, and a conference championship win against crosstown rival South Florida. “I see the depth and team chemistry,” first-year coach Luke Kirwan added. “They’re like a family here. Obviously, if you’re close on and off the ice, that leads to success on the ice.”

52nd Gasparilla Arts Fest to Feature More Than 250 Artists

By D'Ann Lawrence White
March 4, 2022

Now in its 52nd year, the festival has become one of the most prestigious art competitions in the country. Only the best of the best – chosen this year by H. Alexander Rich, executive director and chief curator of the  Polk Museum of Art; Chris Valle, chair and professor of art and design at UT; and Howayda Affan, executive director of the  Morean Arts Center – have an opportunity to exhibit their works at the festival.  

Russia’s Ancestral Lands and Putin’s Justification to Invade Ukraine

By Nicole Ford
The Defense Post
March 3, 2022

Nicole Ford, part-time political science and international studies faculty, wrote a commentary piece for The Defense Post regarding the Russian invasion of Ukraine. In this article, Ford explains the history of Russia and Ukraine, as well as offers an explanation for why Putin is starting this war and any security issues involved.

As Ukraine Resists Russian Invasion, Zelensky Demonstrates These Leadership Lessons

By Edward Segal
March 1, 2022

As Ukraine and Russia head to war, many have opinions and commentary on the way Ukrainian President Zelensky is leading his country. Kirk Hazlett, part-time communication faculty, observed that one of the best ways to show leadership and credibility is transparency. Hazlett claims he would follow Zelensky into battle without hesitation due to his openness to his people.

Cyber Hygiene: Check Your Exposure to Hackers With These Online Tools

By Kellie Cowan
FOX 13
March 1, 2022

As the conflict on the ground continues to escalate,  Russian and Ukrainian  hackers  are waging a cyber war that could have implications in other parts of the globe. Experts also warn with a war and growing humanitarian crisis, everyone should be especially vigilant against phishing scams. "Phishing attacks asking for help or money, financial assistance for people in Ukraine. We should be careful about these types of indirect attacks," said Alper Yayla, director and associate professor of cybersecurity.

Hundreds Gather in St. Petersburg to Protest Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

By Anthony Hill
ABC Action News
Feb. 26, 2022

Protesters gathered in Venoy Park on Saturday in attempt to send a message to end the violence and stop the invasion of Ukraine. Nicole Ford, part-time political science and international studies faculty, said one of the main reasons Russia is invading Ukraine is because Ukraine was originally part of the Russian Emperor. Ford says the United States and Europe should continue to heavily arm the Ukrainians so they can continue defending themselves.

Bayfront Health St. Pete Works to Recruit Nurses Amid Nationwide Shortage

By Sarah Hollenbeck
ABC Action News
Feb. 24, 2022

While Florida faces nursing shortages, Bayfront Health St. Pete is offering a perk to pay for college for anyone looking to get into nursing, as well as help pay back a student’s loans. They held two career fairs to recruit nursing assistants. Takara Scatliffe '22 attended one of the fairs and realized how great of a fit the nursing industry was for her.

Tampa Bay Area Students Worry About Family in Ukraine

By Melissa Marino
Feb. 23, 2022

Many UT students who have family in Ukraine are worried about the incoming war with Russia, including  Valeriia Turchaninova '22 and Iuliia Marchenko MBA '22. Although there is not much they can do from so far away, they pray and try to remain optimistic about their families’ safety.

Students Artists and Writers Showcased in Hillsborough

By Gordon Byrd
Feb. 22, 2022

Art and writing from Hillsborough County middle and high school students will be on display during March at UT. The Hillsborough Education Foundation and Hillsborough Public Schools will be displaying winning submissions from March 2nd to 25th at the Scarfone/Hartley Gallery.

Aya Healthcare Announces 2021 Future Travel Nurse Scholarship Winners

Feb. 17, 2022

Karoline Gajewski '24 was one of the recipients for the 2021 Future Travel Nurse Scholarship program. The scholarship is $1,000 and meant to help with costs associated with the nursing program. Aya Healthcare reviewed hundreds of submissions from across the country and selected 10 winners based on their academic qualifications, extracurricular activities, volunteer work and personal essays.

An Orator and a Seamstress: Tampa’s Pivotal Role in Shaping Black History

By Michael Paluska
ABC Action News
Feb. 15, 2022

The Henry B. Plant Museum recently held an exhibition on Booker T. Washington’s visit to Tampa, called “When the Train Comes Along.” Charles McGraw Groh, associate professor of history, discussed how important the story is and how complex the Black community in Tampa was.

Meet Stephanie Russell Krebs, a 2022 Business Woman of the Year Honoree

By Chris Erickson
Tampa Bay Business Journal
Feb. 15, 2022

Stephanie Russell Krebs, vice president of student affairs, did a Q&A with the Tampa Bay Business Journal as an honoree of Business Woman of the Year. In the interview, she talks about her personal and professional successes, her future goals and the lessons she has learned over the years.

Polk Schools Superintendent Announces Months-long Process To Review 16 Books in Question

By Kimberly Moore
The Ledger
Feb. 9, 2022

A conservative group in Florida wants 16 books banned from Polk schools. A committee will read each book entirely and complete a checklist to determine if the books should be banned from the schools or not. Paul Corrigan, visiting assistant professor of English, says he has taught one of the books mentioned on the list, Beloved, by Toni Morrison. He thinks removing and banning books from schools is disturbing.

University of Tampa Professor Says Playing the Organ Is a Magical Experience

By Phillip Morgan
Tampa Bay Times
Feb. 6, 2022

Ryan Hebert, chair and associate professor of music, shares his love of the pipe organ and his experience teaching. He mentions how there are not many colleges in Florida where someone can major in organ performance, unlike UT. Although the organ is not going away anytime soon, it is dwindling in its previous performance form. Hebert feels lucky to be at a university that treasures the organ.

University of Tampa Baseball Opens Season Ranked No. 1

By Olivia Stacey
Spectrum News 1
Feb. 4, 2022

As Joe Urso enters his 22 nd season as head coach for The University of Tampa baseball program, the  Spartans enter the new season ranked No. 1 in Division II baseball. The players attribute their success to Urso’s coaching qualities.

University of Tampa Unveils Sykes Family Bell Sculpture

By Devonta Davis
Tampa Bay Business Journal
Feb. 4, 2022

On Friday, the Susan and John Sykes Ars Sonora sculpture was unveiled. The bell sculpture, standing at 105 feet tall, arrived on campus in January, but has been in the works for 20 years and was created in France by The Paccard Bell Foundry. When entirely finished, the sculpture will feature 63 bronze bells, in which 61 of them will play a different note, honoring its loose translation of “Art of Sound.”

Dr. Raul Pino Is an Example of Ethical Health Leadership in Florida

Letter to the Editor
Tampa Bay Times
Jan. 28, 2022

Kirk Hazlett, part-time communication faculty, wrote a letter to the editor of the Tampa Bay Times about ethical leadership. In his opinion, Gov. Ron DeSantis is not a good example of ethical leadership in regards to COVID-19 and vaccinations, whereas Raul Pino is for expressing his concern of vaccination rates in Florida.

Boris Johnson’s ‘Partygate’ Is Latest Example of What Not To Do in a Crisis

By Edward Segal
Jan. 27, 2022

Boris Johnson is facing investigations into social gatherings he held that broke his own government’s COVID-19 restrictions. Kirk Hazlett, part-time communication faculty, said Johnson “has presented a classic case example of how  not to confront skepticism about one’s actions. The parties happened. He was there. The public knows.  In situations like this, I advise, ‘Tell the truth. Apologize for improper actions. Tell the public what will change from this point on. Don’t do it again.’”

Tampa Tops the 2022 SSC Men’s Lacrosse Preseason Poll

Florida Lacrosse News
Jan. 21, 2022

UT has been selected as the preseason favorite for the ninth consecutive season by Sunshine State Conference men’s lacrosse coaches. UT is expected to repeat as the league’s regular-season champion. The Spartans’ top challenger is Lynn University.

Bar Rescue: Business Student’s Product Makes Drinks Safer for Women

By Brian Hartz
Business Observer
Jan. 20, 2022

Alexsandra Wolfe '22 founded Pure-Sipity, a company developing jewelry that doubles as a date-rape drug testing device. After seeing many of her friends experience date rape while in college, she realized the seriousness of it and felt like she needed to do something. Wolfe has been able to invest $25,000 into the development of her company and predicts the bracelets to retail at around $30.99 with refill test strip kits at $12.99.

Best Car Insurance in Florida

By Candace Baker
Jan. 19, 2022

Jennifer Burton, associate professor of marketing, was featured as an expert in an article about the best car insurance in Florida. Burton gave advice on car insurance prices across different states, insurance companies’ safety guarantees, important things to look for in car insurance and how to save money when buying car insurance.

Rethinking the Faculty Role in Students’ Career Readiness

By Rachel Toor
Inside Higher Ed
Jan. 18, 2022

College faculty are starting to think about their jobs differently amidst employers continually bringing up the disconnect between what students are learning in class and the competencies they need in the workforce. At UT, there is an innovative movement in career services. Tim Harding, assistant vice president for career development and engagement, explained the Spartan Ready program, which helps students market their skills from classes and extra curriculars to employers.

Thousands of Students Return to University of Tampa Campus as Spring Semester Begins

By Larissa Scott
ABC Action News
Jan. 18, 2022

UT is prepared for thousands of students to return to campus and ways to limit spread. Stephanie Russell Krebs, vice president for student affairs, explains UT’s plans and protocols to keep students and staff safe for the spring semester.

Why Jen Psaki Earns High Marks in First Year as Biden’s Press Secretary

By Edward Segal
Jan. 17, 2022

Jen Psaki marked her first anniversary as President Biden’s press secretary and role as the daily public face of his administration. “As a veteran public relations professional whose own career has included government, nonprofit, technology and healthcare, I have been quite impressed by Ms. Psaki’s demeanor and thoughtful responses,” says Kirk Hazlett, part-time communication faculty.

Authentic Style Key as Tampa Volleyball Coach Chris Catanach Marks 38 Years, 4 NCAA DII Titles

By Chuck Curti
Volleyball Mag
Jan. 13, 2022

UT head volleyball coach Chris Catanach just led the team to their fourth NCAA national championship title. Catanach himself had no formal volleyball training growing up, so he created his own style of coaching when he first started. Some of his habits include getting to know the players on a personal level and continuing to study the game of volleyball.

The University of Tampa to Launch Doctoral Degree in Business Administration Program in Fall

Florida Daily
Jan. 5, 2022

Starting Fall 2022, UT will offer a doctoral degree in business administration, which is designed to meet the needs of those who have already been successful in business and are looking for a new challenge. The Executive Doctor of Business Administration (EDBA) program will offer students the opportunity to define, analyze and solve complex business problems.

Data on Health Economics and Policy Discussed by Researchers at University of Tampa: How Did the Affordable Health Care Act Affect Risky Health Behaviors?

Insurance News Net
Jan. 4, 2022

Researchers detail new data in health economics and policy based on UT research. The research weighed the possible positive and negative effects of making health care affordable to everyone.