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The Office of Institutional Research (OIR) provides management information and analytical support to UT’s decision-makers to aid in strategic planning, internal decision making and external accountability. Through collaborative leadership and guidance, the office provides a broad range of planning, research and assessment activities, including those that support student learning outcomes assessment, department/program review, and institutional and specialized accreditation.

External Requests

The OIR coordinates and responds to requests for a wide variety of reports and other information from many external agencies, publications and media outlets on a regular basis. These organizations may use this information in several ways, such as preparing publications and ranking guides, or providing information to stakeholders. The OIR serves as an institutional source to respond efficiently and with confirmed information about the University.

In addition, the University is required to submit numerous official reports on a regular basis to government agencies and accreditors. The OIR ensures the required information is submitted as requested and in a timely fashion.

Internal Requests

The OIR coordinates the administration of several surveys each year that provide University leadership with information about programs, services, students and other aspects of University life. The office also conducts research on a variety of topics helpful to institution-wide decision-making and collaborates with individual programs and departments on specific survey needs.


Another critical responsibility of the OIR is to serve as a resource and provide counsel to University programs and departments in their program evaluation and outcomes assessment efforts. The OIR also provides assessment and evaluation support for the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), in cooperation with the Faculty QEP Assessment Committee. The QEP is a mission-driven regional accreditation requirement that analyzes the effectiveness of the student learning environment through engagement of the academic community.

Contact Information

Office Hours:
Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

401 W. Kennedy Blvd., Box B
Tampa, FL 33606


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