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All computer labs have laser printing for your convenience.

Save money and help UT protect the environment by printing duplex. One page printed duplex (front/back) is equal to the cost of one printed page (front only).

Duplex Printing

Double-sided printing is located in the Jaeb Computer Center, the Sykes Computer Labs, the Library Lab and the Vaughn Computer Lab. If you are in these labs and do not want to use the double-sided printing function please follow the simple steps listed below.

Steps to print single-sided:

  • Hit Print Button, Ctrl+P, or go to file print.
  • Click on the Properties button in the Upper Right-hand Corner.
  • Select None in the Print on Both Sides group box as shown and click OK.
  • Click OK again to print single-sided pages.

How to Conserve Paper When Printing in the Labs

The following are some simple steps you can take that will help conserve printing resources:

  • DO NOT use the lab printers for copying organizational/departmental flyers, announcements, newsletters, etc. Considering alternative methods of communication (i.e. email, etc.) if flyers are required use a copy machine to make copies.
  • DO NOT use the lab printers for personal business needs. This is prohibited by the Acceptable Use Policy.
  • Always use the “Print Preview” option before printing to verify that you are printing the material you need and it is formatted correctly.
  • Print only Web pages that you need, not an entire website.
  • DO NOT reprint your work after every change. Instead, print only a draft and a final copy upon completion.
  • When printing PowerPoint presentations, print more than one slide per page unless otherwise advised by your instructor.
  • Be certain to log off your lab workstation when finished to prevent someone else from using your login.
  • Print single-sided ONLY when absolutely necessary.

See the links below for more information about UT Spartan printing, including printing rates and the printing dispute form.

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