The primary goal of the Facilities Management Department is to provide the University with safe, reliable, quality service, while recognizing the role each employee has in the organization. Department staff aim to effectively maintain a safe, clean and attractive learning, working and living environment by using and developing all available resources. This ranges from effective communication with customers to practicing preventive maintenance. Through these efforts, Facilities Management strives to preserve and enhance the physical assets of UT.

Maintenance Requests


1. Determine whether your work request is an emergency.

An emergency is any situation that threatens lives, could cause serious injuries or effects the scheduled operations of the buildings, equipment or utilities. Examples are: smoke, gas, or burning odors, no air conditioning, backed up drains, overflowing toilets or broken windows. All other work requests are considered routine and require a written work.

2. Contact Facilities Management.

Facilities Management office hours are from 7 a.m. – 6 p.m., Monday through Friday. If you have a maintenance request, please utilize the “Maintenance Request” button above or call (813) 253-6227 until midnight (12 a.m.) After midnight and weekends, call Campus Safety (813) 257-7777. Please be prepared to provide your contact information, exact location of the issue and as much detail as possible regarding the issue. Work will be scheduled as soon as possible (availability of parts may impact completion time).

3. Continue communication with Facilities Management.

You will be notified after the work has been completed primarily via door hangers. Please contact the Facilities Management office if there are further problems.

Facilities Services

  • Routine Maintenance: (813) 253-6227
  • Non-Routine Maintenance: (813) 253-6227
Building Maintenance

General Maintenance/Carpentry/Furniture Repair/Locks and Keys/Painting/Roofing/Electrical/Plumbing/HVAC (Heating and Ventilation, Air Conditioning) 


Routine, Emergency and Special Cleaning including: Carpet Cleaning/Floor Cleaning/Stripping/Waxing/Support for Campus Events/Trash Removal


Landscaping/Street, Sidewalk, Parking Lot Maintenance/Tree Maintenance

Contact Information

Location: Thompson Building, PO Box 76F
Telephone: (813) 253-6227
Fax: (813) 258-7291

Department Contacts

Chang Ashby

Housekeeping Manager, Facilities Management

Luis Barragan

Shipping and Receiving Clerk, Facilities Management

Lisa Brachna

Senior Project Manager, Design and Construction Services, Facilities Management

Brian Christoph

Office Assistant, Facilities Management

Yorkis Cortes

Locksmith, Facilities Management

Maidelis Delgado

Dispatch/WO Clerk, Facilities Management

Scott Gossen

Project Manager, Facilities Management

Kellie Humphrey

Project Administrator, Design and Construction Services, Facilities Management

Jennifer Isenbeck

Director of Facilities, Facilities Management

Angela Jordan

Maintenance Manager, Facilities Management

Steve Kim

Proposals and Procedures Manager, Facilities Management

Theresa Pietro

Office Manager, Facilities Management

Tim Purdy

Grounds Manager, Facilities Management