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Sticks of Fire and Minarets

Sustainable UT LogoThe University of Tampa has taken a practical and multi-faceted approach on& sustainability issues that conserve natural resources, achieve cost savings and lessen environmental impacts on the community. We believe sustainability is not a one-time effort or undertaking, but a long-term, dynamic process that requires change on the part of the entire University community. UT seeks balance in sustainability efforts in a manner that improves the quality of life and academic experience at the University and yet is responsive to the global nature of environmental issues facing all of society.

The University is a founding member and sustaining partner member of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) Gulf Coast Chapter, which was founded in 2005. This group strives to improve sustainability in Florida, and our membership helps support our institutional sustainability efforts. In October 2015, UT received the Outstanding Green Business Award at the USGBC Florida Awards Dinner.

UT Handprint Awards

The UT Faculty Sustainability Committee has created the sustainability UT Handprint Awards to recognize and honor UT faculty, staff, students and organizations that have demonstrated a commitment to ethical practices that reduce the University’s impact on the environment. The awards will be announced at OSLE’s Leadership Award Night.

For more information, contact the Faculty Sustainability Committee at