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The Entrepreneurship Center faculty and staff are committed to building a nationally recognized academic program that engages students and the regional business community, as well as conducting meaningful research in the entrepreneurship area. Take a look and get to know the people behind The Entrepreneurship Center, and please let us know what we can do for you. 

Department Contacts
Amy Brownlee( Faculty )
Assistant Professor, Management
Tel: 813- 257- 3770
Mailbox: O
Building: JSRoom: 209
Giles Hertz( Faculty )
Associate Professor, Business Law and Entrepreneurship
Tel: 813- 258- 7387
Mailbox: O
Building: JSRoom: 206
Associate Professor, Management
Associate Director, Entrepreneurship Center
Tel: 813- 257- 3619
Mailbox: O
Building: JSRoom: 317A
Eric Liguori( Faculty )
Assistant Professor, Entrepreneurship
Tel: 813- 257- 3600
Mailbox: O
Building: EWRoom: 103
Kevin Moore( Staff )
Director of Operations, Entrepreneurship Center, College of Business
Tel: 813- 257- 3287
Mailbox: O
Building: EWRoom: 115
Professor, Management and Entrepreneurship
Director, The Naimoli Institute for Business Strategy
Tel: 813- 257- 3284
Mailbox: O
Building: JSRoom: 213
Rebecca White( Faculty )
Professor, Entrepreneurship and James W. Walter Distinguished Chair of Entrepreneurship
Director, Entrepreneurship Center
Tel: 813- 257- 1760
Mailbox: O
Building: JSRoom: 278