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The Spartan Accelerator and Incubator program is designed to help current students and recent alums grow their business ideas. The Spartan Accelerator pairs students with a launch team of experts to help them formulate successful business plans and investment presentations. The goal of this opportunity is to help build the entrepreneurial ecosystem to support the development and launch of new ventures. Participants attend boot camps based on the lean startup business model and receive free legal counsel. They also compete for grants through the Spartan Accelerator Seed Fund, which has awarded $100,000 since fall 2015. The Lowth Entrepreneurship Center features four large rooms reserved for accelerator teams and their mentors. Each semester students and alums can apply for this program.

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Current Spartan Accelerators Include:

Classuite (Ricardo Garcia ’17, M.S. in Entrepreneurship) Room 817
Classuite is a unique and interactive chatting platform seeking to improve classroom collaboration between teachers and students.

Zuloc (Karan Walia ’17, MBA in Finance) Room 813
Life-logging for your career

AutoPitchCounter (Daniel Fine ’16, Human Performance)
A.P.C. (AutoPitchCounter) is an innovative system that can help reduce the frequency of arm injuries in the overhead athlete population.

Lands in USA (Mohammd Aboalshamat ’04, Computer Information Systems; ’17 M.S. in Entrepreneurship) Room 813
Lands in USA is a professional group of investors who specialize in hunting the best real estate deals in the USA. Currently, our focus is within the state of Florida and Georgia, targeting vacant residential and commercial properties only. However, we will expand to cover all the U.S. soon. We get the lowest price (less than the market price) with the highest quality free of issues. We own what we offer on our website, so all of our deals are "by owner."

Spared (Ryan Lockwood ’17, MBA, and Ryan Deitrich ’15, Finance; ’17, M.S. in Entrepreneurship) Room 813
The student debt crisis has reached out of control levels. There is $1.2 trillion in outstanding student debt spread across 43.3 million borrowers. Spared is a mobile application that helps its users pay down their student debt more aggressively. We simply monitor users’ daily transactions, round them up to the nearest dollar and pay the “spare change” directly towards their student loans. Our average user will save $9,000 in interest payments and get to debt free nearly seven years faster.

Blue Sapphire Beauty Gallery (Victoria Zimina ’18, Management)
Blue Sapphire Beauty Gallery is a luxury beauty salon that is providing high-end services to its clientele. Face, body, hair and nail services will be available using high end products. Located in the vibrant upscale location of Tampa, Blue Sapphire Beauty Gallery will set a standard of quality and provide exceptional services to its clientele. Blue Sapphire Beauty Gallery carries a vision that it is essential to be indulged in beauty both visually and spiritually.

Rogo (Jimmy Uteg ’17, 4+1 MBA and B.S. in Entrepreneurship) Room 813
Rogo Messenger is an innovative, communication-centered company founded by a driven and sales oriented team. Rogo Messenger is the next step into the future for sales, combining personalized video messaging, food delivery and collaboration with call-to-actions. It allows sales professionals to send a food gift and a short personalized video to business prospects and decision makers. It is an open communication platform and marketing company with an emphasis on business-to-business sales.