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Additional Requirements

After submitting the Admission to Teacher Education Form, the following additional requirements should be sent via email to  

  • Two Educational Disposition Assessments filled out and submitted by UT Education departmental faculty.
    Please contact two of our faculty members to fill out and submit the form to our office. All faculty have access to the form, as it is internal; you do not have to give the form to them.
  • One letter of recommendation from an evaluator outside of The University of Tampa Education Program. This letter must include the following: applicant’s name and EDU certification field, how long the evaluator has known the applicant and in what capacity, date, address and signature.

    Message to the evaluator:
    A candid evaluation of this applicant for admission to the UT Teacher Education Program will be most helpful. Please comment on the applicant’s ability to work with children/adolescents and adults, intelligence, initiative, motivation, organizational skills, written and oral expression, creativity, and character. It is recommended that you use corporate or institutional letterhead if applicable. The recommendation must be a signed original to be accepted.

    Be sure to include the following information in the letter:
    - Applicant’s name and EDU certification field
    - How long the evaluator has known the applicant and in what capacity
    - Date
    - Address
    - Signature

Once the form and additional requirements have been completed and sent, you will be contacted once the application has been reviewed. Questions? Contact