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Registering with a Disability

Students who wish to receive academic accommodations at The University of Tampa must first register with The Office of Student Disability Services.

To begin the process, the student must fill out and turn in a Disability Disclosure Form to the associate director of the Academic Excellence Programs. On the form, you will have an opportunity to state what disability you are registering and what academic accommodations you are seeking.

To become registered, you must also submit documentation that verifies your disability. The type of documentation varies depending on your type of disability.  In all cases, the documentation should be recent, be completed by a qualified professional, and include a recommendation for academic accommodations appropriate for a challenging college environment. Please see the Documentation Requirements link for more details about which documentation fits your disability.

If you have a disability but do not wish to seek accommodations, we still encourage you to register with our office. Although our primary concern is to provide academic accommodations for students, we like to be aware of students with special needs on campus. Also, there are many opportunities for students with disabilities that are passed along to the students registered with our office.

Our standards are based upon the national standards maintained by the Association on Higher Education and Disability (AHEAD) as well as the Educational Testing Service (ETS). We encourage you to visit their Web sites to learn more about the process of documenting a disability.