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PEACE Volunteer Awards

The PEACE Volunteer Center annually awards outstanding volunteers during UT’s Leadership Awards Night. Eligibility requirements include:

  • All volunteer hours must be recorded at the PEACE Volunteer Center.
  • Signed and verified record forms should be turned in within two weeks of completion of service project or before the last week of classes for fall semester.
  • For spring semester, all volunteer hours will need to be recorded with the PEACE Volunteer Center no later than April 1 for awards consideration.
  • Nomination forms must be completed. Forms are in the Leadership Awards Night packet, available in the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement.


Student Volunteer of the Year
These award recipients are selected by a review of the total number of volunteer hours donated to a registered community service agency and the total number of campus service hours. One award is designated for a student in a Greek organization and one award is designated for a non-Greek student. Hours for which a student receives payment cannot be considered for this award.

Volunteer Greek Organization of the Year
These award recipients are selected by a review of the percentage of community and campus service hours donated to a registered community service agency, number of members in the organization, and amount of money donated and documented through the PEACE Volunteer Center to philanthropic causes.

Volunteer Organization of the Year
This award is presented to a non-Greek organization that has completed the largest percentage of community service hours based on its membership numbers as well as any documented philanthropic donations.

Joyce D. Keller Volunteer Award
This award is given to a staff or faculty member at The University of Tampa who has done the most to promote community service and/or has personally volunteered in the community or assisted PEACE in some way.

Alternative Breaks Volunteer of the Year

Active Citizenship Award