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Message from the Dean

Welcome to the University of Tampa and the College of Natural and Health Sciences. If you are a new student or are returning for another exciting year, you will be embarking on an adventure that you will always remember. Our faculty and staff are among the finest in academia and will make all efforts to assist you in achieving success.
Gore_J James Gore, Ph.D., Dean
CNHS offers opportunities in the basic and applied fields of natural and health science. If your ultimate goal is in the health professions, we will prepare you for the rigors of certification, registration or admission to health professional programs. If, instead, you have become fascinated by the natural phenomena that regulate our universe, we will provide a rich undergraduate experience that prepares you for graduate school admission and/or a career in the sciences.

Indeed, regardless of the science or health discipline you have chosen, we hope that you will take advantage of the many undergraduate research opportunities that may be offered to you. The results of that research experience often results in scientific publication and presentation at regional and national science and health conferences; the surest way to make the first step towards a lasting career. The pathways to careers in science and health are both challenging and exciting, and our faculty will provide guidance and support along the way.

CNHS houses four faculties, the Department of Biology, the Department of Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Physics, the Department of Exercise Science and Sport Studies, and the Department of Nursing; all with a diversity of basic and applied courses and programs.

To paraphrase Elbert Hubbard, your experiences at UT and in our College should not prepare you for life, it should be life. My recommendation is to learn to be a skeptic; that is, always find out for yourself. Challenge your professors and your peers to acquire that ability. Above all, learn to explore. Try something new and outside your chosen path. Our faculty will offer you those chances; jump at them and embrace them.

Finally, my office is in Plant Hall 201. Please feel free to stop by and talk about your career, your experiences, or just to ask questions. And, if you happen to see me wandering around campus, stop me and ask me to buy you a cup of coffee so that we can sit down talk about life at The University of Tampa.