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Mathematics Degrees

The Department of Mathematics provides students with an extensive educational background in mathematics and mathematical programming.

The department encourages students to develop their own interests under the guidance of faculty. Students may take part in independent study or faculty-student research projects. They also have opportunities to present research papers at annual meetings sponsored by the Mathematical Association of America. Students and faculty members attend these meetings, at which mathematicians from around the world speak on the most recent advances in the field.

Graduates of the UT mathematics program are employed in teaching and research on all levels of the physical, biological, social and behavioral sciences. In industry, they work in fields such as business analysis, computer science, economics, education, engineering, environmental studies, marketing research and law. An undergraduate degree in mathematics from UT also provides excellent preparation for graduate school. Recent graduates have continued their education in programs at Ohio State University, the University of Toledo and the University of South Florida, to name a few.