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College of Arts and Letters

UT’s College of Arts and Letters (CAL) seeks to cultivate in students the inner resources necessary for the truly creative life: physical and emotional discipline, moral imagination, aesthetic receptivity, practiced memory, broad sympathy and intellectual courage.

An education in the arts and letters is an engagement with the rigors and powers of devising forms and grasping the shapes of meaning. A deepening of this engagement is an undertaking to which CAL faculty are passionately dedicated. Students are immersed in their chosen fields of study not merely as learners, but as actual practitioners of their respective disciplines.

CAL alumni have established careers as artists, filmmakers, novelists, journalists, singers and performing artists. A number have also gone on to further their studies in some of the nation’s most prestigious graduate schools.

The college offers 21 degree programs, 11 minors and eight certificate programs across its seven departments: