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The mission of the Department of Art and Design is to engage and train the next generation of artists and visual image creators. We believe that artistic practice uniquely develops a critical thinking-by-doing capacity, which is crucial to high achievement in contemporary professional fields.

We begin our journey with an innovative foundations program where you will join other visual creators led by passionate professors, who are also accomplished professional artists, committed to helping you develop your technical skills, advance your visual literacy, infuse your intellectual curiosity and sharpen your ability to aesthetically conceptualize ideas.

Next you will explore the major media and history of visual art production. We believe that art is about discovering, testing our assumptions and the understanding of our past, present and future. You will participate in regular class critiques which will accelerate your acquisition of technical and critical skills. Through these interactions you will quickly be developing your own artistic voice and confidence. The ability to communicate your vision effectively will prove crucial as you begin planning for your long range career and professional goals.

Finally, we fulfill our mission having trained your capacity to think and to respond in visually creative ways, through your full involvement with a broad range of practical and theoretical issues. During your advanced coursework leading to your culminating senior exhibition and projects, you will continue your career and professional practices, art practicums and service learning experiences. Working closely with research-active art faculty and visiting artists, you will sharpen your focus with a firm goal as one of our next generation of visual image creators, able to achieve your full potential.

We eagerly look forward to helping you begin this journey.