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Pathways to Honors

An Exploration of Excellence/Leadership/Service

First-year Honors students take Pathways to Honors – An Exploration of Excellence/Leadership/Service. Pathways to Honors (HON 100 and 102) is a a graded course for one-credit hour each semester.

In the first semester, students are introduced to the Honors Program and to the Excellence in Leadership and Service (EXCELS) program. EXCELS is designed to develop leadership skills and a commitment to community service among Honors Program students.  Focus is on active learning through outside-the-classroom experiences, such as community outreach and the Honors Symposia series.

In the second semester, students explore the philosophical underpinnings of the Honors Program: “Challenging Mindsets” and students continue their pursuit of experiential learning and their development of leadership skills.

Students earn one credit hour for the successful completion of each course. Students interested in expanding their leadership development are encouraged to apply to participate in the ELITE Leadership Development program offered by the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement prior to Fall Orientation.