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Mission, Vision and Values


The University of Tampa fraternity and sorority community strives to educate and empower members through skill development and opportunities to demonstrate leadership, scholarship, social responsibility and integrity in an inclusive environment while fostering lifelong friendships.


The University of Tampa fraternity and sorority community will be a prominent component of The University of Tampa student experience by engaging in meaningful programs with various stakeholders and preparing members for life beyond their collegiate experience.

Core Values

Involvement in The University of Tampa fraternity and sorority community aligns with the following values:
  • Inclusion: Provides students with opportunities to learn from a wide range of individuals, develop relationships with peers of different backgrounds and increase their overall intercultural awareness.
  • Integrity: Requires an understanding of the connection between individual, organizational and global accountability and an expectation of congruence between statements and actions.
  • Leadership: Fosters opportunities for personal growth and development as students learn to work as a team, understand group dynamics,and identify their personal strengths and communication strategies to effectively lead an organization.
  • Lifelong Friendships: Promotes the sharing of common experiences between individuals regardless of organization affiliation; this leads to stronger connections to each other, the University and their organizations long after graduation.
  • Scholarship: Complements students’ academic goals and promotes a culture of increased persistence and graduation from the University.
  • Social Responsibility: Encourages students to identify issues affecting themselves as well as others while offering a platform to take action and create change on multiple levels.