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The University of Tampa uses Workday Human Capital Management (HCM) and Payroll to streamline all faculty, staff and student employee HR and payroll processes. Workday is an innovative, internationally-renowned cloud solution used by numerous Fortune 500 companies and prestigious institutions such as Yale, Brown and Georgetown University.

UT is among the first universities and colleges in the country to adopt Workday. Accessing Workday is simple and begins by logging into Okta, an identity management solution. After logging into Okta, the user can access his or her HR and payroll information by clicking on the Workday icon. Visit the Workday Wiki for instructions, videos, and useful links for how to access Workday via Okta, record your time worked, submit time off requests, and much more.


Please use the below calendar to select a Workday Expense and Travel Reports training session. There are departmental training opportunities as well as general sessions. If you attend your departmental training session, there's no need for you to also attend a general session. Click on the below calendar dates to see which training opportunities are available. Note, RSVP is required and attendance will be taken and reported to Senior Staff.

As new training opportunities arise, check this section for details.

Information Available in Workday

Personal information such as contracts, retirement and benefits, paychecks1, phone numbers and mailing address are housed within Workday.

Personal information such as current compensation, paychecks1, mailing address(es), phone number(s), benefits and retirement information are available in Workday.

Student Workers (Work Study, Success Scholars and Student Employment)
Personal information such paychecks1, name, mailing address(es) and phone number(s) are available in Workday. Updates to these can be made in Workday; however, it is only updated for HR and payroll and will not be communicated to any other campus office (i.e. Registrar, Financial Aid, Bursar, Admissions, etc.). Students are responsible for communicating these changes to all appropriate offices.

1Note, only paychecks issued on or after Jan. 1, 2017, will be available in Workday.

Updating your HR and Payroll Information

Workday houses all of your employment and payroll information. Updates to your HR and payroll information must be completed within Workday. Your information for HR and payroll are no longer shared between HR/payroll and the rest of the campus. Therefore, any name, address and phone number updates that impact all areas of the campus need to be communicated to the appropriate office(s). See the below table to better understand which office(s) to contact under different circumstances: 

Current Students
Update non-payroll information via SpartanWeb or complete and submit the appropriate form to the Registrar's Office (name change, address change and gender change).
Update Payroll/W2/W4 information via Workday, which notifies Payroll.

New Students
Update non-payroll information by contacting Admissions at or

Update Payroll/W2/W4 information via Workday, which notifies HR/Payroll.

Update Payroll/W2/W4 information via Workday, which notifies HR/Payroll.

Additional Assistance

The following Workday HR and Payroll support plan is effective Jan. 1, 2017.

Before reaching out to the Help Desk, Human Resources or Payroll, many questions can be answered in the Workday Wiki. Overviews, videos, step-by-step guides and helpful links are available for a wide variety of topics. The "Getting Started" section contains information on completing basic tasks, and the wiki will be regularly updated.

For technological questions, please contact the ITS Help Desk ( or (813) 253-6293). Examples of questions to contact the Help Desk for include:

  • Unable to log into Okta
  • Workday icon isn't visible in Okta
  • Missing icons after you log into Workday
  • Information is not visible
  • Reports return an error
  • Unable to submit time entry (time sheet)
  • Unable to request time off

For Human Resources and Payroll questions, please contact the respective offices. Examples of questions to contact HR and Payroll for include:

  • Your position (job) title needs to be updated
  • Your manager is incorrect
  • Your pay slip doesn't appear to be correct
  • Your deductions (e.g. health insurance, TIAA, etc.) need to be updated
  • Data on reports does not appear to be correct
  • Uncertain of who is to approve next transaction in a business process

For student worker questions, please route based on the type of student worker:

Type of Student Worker
Route Questions to:
Federal Work Study Financial Aid
Success Scholars Student Transition and Persistence
Student Employment
Dennis Nostrand
Mark Colvenbach                          

More questions?
View our online Workday Wiki accessible with your UT login (e.g. how you log into your UT computer). As a shortcut, you can always go to to access the Workday Wiki.

Time Sheet Transition

Beginning Jan. 1, 2017, all time worked and benefit time taken should be recorded in Workday. Paper time sheets will no longer be accepted.

Workday Financials and Student Implementations

The University of Tampa is implementing Workday as a Student Information System over the next two years. Student recruiting, Admissions, registration, advising, financial aid and bursar functions will progressively migrate from SpartanWeb into Workday. Check back on this webpage for more information as it becomes available. Also, additional information will be posted in the Workday Wiki along with job aids, more specific key dates, training information and other details.