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Vocational Rehabilitation CH 31

Vocational Rehabilitation – CH 31 is a specialized educational and career program for Veterans with service-connected disabilities. Services are provided by the Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VR&E) VetSuccess Program.

If approved for CH 31, please email VA Form 28-1905 to

Students receiving CH 31 benefits will most likely have no out-of-pocket expenses while enrolled at The University of Tampa.

  • Deposit:
    • Indicate that you are a veteran on your admissions application. Contact the veterans certifying official when you are admitted, and tell them you are fully reimbursed by the VA using CH 31 benefits.
  • Books:
    • Book vouchers are issued by the Bursar’s Office. Keep your receipt for any purchases. Bring your receipt back to the Bursar’s Office so that they may send an invoice for your books to your CH 31 counselor.
  • Tuition/Fees: 
    • Tuition/fees will be invoiced to your vocational rehabilitation counselor by the Bursar's Office.

What does the veterans certifying official do?

The veterans certifying official (VCO) submits online form 22-1999, Enrollment Certification, to notify the VA that you’re currently registered and attending classes. The VCO will certify your enrollment every term prior to the start of each term. The VCO will also monitor your enrollment and report changes in enrollment to the VA. Changes in enrollment may create adjustments in your benefits payout.