Student Help Desk

The Office of Information Technology (IT) provides a Student Help Desk service to assist students with connecting to the Campus Network, virus protection, spyware removal, file recovery and device drivers. If you need assistance, you can contact the Student Help Desk via email at or at (813) 253-6255. The Student Help Desk is located at the front desk of the Jaeb Computer Center. The hours of the Student Help Desk coincide with the hours of the Jaeb Computer Center.

If your computer, whether PC or Mac, needs general repair, please contact a local repair shop. These repair shops are not affiliated with the University. The University makes no warrants or claims as to the merchantability of any hardware, software or services obtained from these establishments.

Network cards or network cables may be purchased from the Campus Store or another local vendor. Please contact the Student Help Desk if you need advice on selecting a network card or network patch cable.

NOTE: The University assumes no financial responsibility for damages or loss of personal property of students. Personal property insurance coverage is recommended if you are not covered by your parent’s personal property insurance policy.