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Technology Support for Faculty

UT Campus Network Access

Wired Network

To connect to the wired network, connect your computer to an Ethernet jack, open your browser and enter your domain username and password (see Password Information section below).

Install Safe Connect

You must install Safe Connect on your computer. Safe Connect helps keep the UT Campus Network healthy by checking your computer for current antivirus and anti-spyware tools and operating system updates. This installation is automatic once you agree to the AUP. 


Wireless access is available at many locations throughout campus. Login information is the same as the domain username and password (see Account and Password Information section below).

  • UoT_Secure (Recommended for fastest connection) – configured for the 5 GHz band and uses WPA2 encryption. If your laptop of mobile device supports WPA2 encryption and the 5 GHz band, you are encouraged to connect to UoT_Secure for your UT Wireless Network access. 
  • UoT – configured for both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands and should only be used if your device does not support WPA2 encryption or the 5 GHz band. 

Information Security


All faculty are required to take the online security awareness training course (SANs Securing the Human) provided by Information Security, located at East Walker Hall, Room 127. Information will be provided.

If your computer is infected, you will be notified and provided information with instructions on what to do if we determine that your computer has become infected with the software.

For more details about this and other provided services, please visit, and review the information in the Safe Computing @ UT link.

Account and Password Information


Okta is the tool used by the offices of Information Security and Information Technology to reduce the number of sign-ons for select applications. When faculty and staff log into Okta, they can seamlessly access other applications without additional usernames and passwords. Okta is a third-party enterprise-grade identity management service, built for the cloud but compatible with many on premise applications.

Compatible with all browsers, visit (and bookmark!) UT’s Okta homepage to begin your reduced-login experience. Applications accessible through Okta currently include: 

  • Blackboard
  • Sans Securing the Human
  • BSwift (HR benefits)
  • UT Email/Office 365 (coming soon!)
  • Workday

Okta will use the same domain username and password that is used to log in to the University network. 

For more information about how to setup and use Okta, visit 

Spartans Domain/Email

Your Spartans domain gives you access to Outlook email, the UT campus network (wired and wireless), the internet, lab computers and printing, scanning from copiers, library resources and more.

Your domain username is typically your first initial plus last name (e.g. jsmith).

Passwords are randomly generated by the system and are distributed to you by your department’s staff assistant during your on boarding process.

Password Changes and Resets

The best way to change your Spartans domain/email password is through Okta at

In Okta, your password can be changed by going to the Settings. 

Online Email Access through Office 365 (including Email, OneDrive, SharePoint)

Currently you will be redirected to another login screen. Authenticate using your full email address (e.g. and password. Office 365 defaults to your email view. OneDrive and SharePoint can be accessed by clicking on the icon at the far left of the information bar at the top of the screen.

SpartanWeb –

SpartanWeb is UT’s portal. When you login using your Spartan ID number (e.g. 1234567), you will be given site navigation options based on your association to UT as either applicant, student, faculty, staff or alumni. Use SpartanWeb to enter student grades, clear students for add/drop or registration, download or print a class roster, etc.

Once logged on, you can access information and tools prepared specifically for your role as:

  • Alumni
  • Applicant
  • Faculty member
  • Staff member
  • Student

 Information and tools include:

  • Academic tasks – registration, grades, planning, advising
  • Financial tasks – account management, make payments
  • Group participation – join groups and collaborate with other members
  • Focused information, announcements, calendars, forms, links
  • Restricted-access content

Personalized Data

SpartanMail –

Username = (e.g. For security purposes, your password must be changed every 90 days or it will expire. For expired passwords, Office365 prompts for the last working password, then asks for a new one. To change an existing, valid password, log into Office365 and click the Settings button at the top right of the screen to locate the “Change password” option.

Blackboard –

Blackboard is an online tool that enhances the student’s learning experience. The University of Tampa makes extensive use of the Blackboard Academic Suite. Professors are able to post syllabi, notes from classroom presentations, messages to students and other useful information. Students can reply to faculty messages, post questions of their own, submit papers and use many other helpful features and tools.

Blackboard is a separate account from your domain and the username is typically your first initial and last name (i.e. – jsmith).

Note that new Blackboard accounts and courses are not available until 42 days prior to the start date of a semester.

Information Security Software and Guidelines 

Anti-Virus Software – Installing and maintaining anti-virus software is required in order to access wired and wireless University networks. If your computer already has this software installed and you have an active subscription to receive current updates, you don’t need to install any of the programs listed below.

If you don’t have anti-virus installed on your system, the following are recommended (free) options that will protect your computer against many viruses and malware threats

Educational Technology

The Educational Technology department acts in a liaison capacity between staff and faculty and IT service areas, coordinates existing resources, evaluates educational technology, assists with Blackboard LMS faculty development and support, and provides instructional design training. Ed Tech assists with the use of the tools while ITS supports the tools when they are not working. To reach the Educational Technology department, call (813) 257-6333 or email

Helpful IT Information

Faculty ITS Information Flyer