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Student Guidelines for Computer Backup and Security

Students should remember that it’s important to frequently back up data files such as Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, etc. If data files are lost or deleted, the Office of Information Technology has no way to recover or restore them.

Never save data to lab computers; the files will be lost. Lab computers return to original state when rebooted. All files saved to the computer are completely removed.

Protecting personal information (Social Security number, student ID, financial information, etc.) is the users’ responsibility. Students should make every effort to protect their personal information when using computers on campus.

Basic Guidelines for Protecting Personal Information and Data:

Computer Backups – Use external media such as memory sticks or CDs to regularly back up computer data files. 

Surge Protection – Connect personal computers to a surge protector. Tampa has frequent thunderstorms and lightning strikes that can cause power outages. 

Passwords – Never give your passwords to anyone and change your passwords often. 

Log Off – Always log off when finished using a public computer. If you walk away from a computer without logging off, others may be able to access your personal information.

Shut Down – Shut down personal computers when not in use. This will reduce energy usage, help protect computer from power surges, and ensure that no one can access your personal files. 

Secure Websites – Only enter personal information on secure websites.

Wireless Use – Avoid entering personal information when connected via a wireless connection.