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The Dickey Health and Wellness Center offers multiple services to promote women's health.

The Well Woman Appointment, also known as a "pap," is recommended, based on current standards, every three years for women 21 years or older, or more frequently if a previous test was abnormal. For women under 21, the pap is no longer routinely recommended. The Well Woman Package includes:

A review of past medical history
A gynecological physical including breast exam
Routine urinalysis
Thin Prep pap
Advanced STD screening for chlamydia and gonorrhea, if indicated for high risk individuals
Diagnostic evaluation for vaginal yeast and/or bacteria 

A Gynecology Exam should be scheduled if you are experiencing any symptoms of a gynecological problem, including problems with your menstrual cycle.

Birth Control Counseling and Prescribing Consultation should be scheduled if you are under the age of 21 or you have had a "normal" pap within the past three years and wish to start or renew a method of birth control. You and your nurse practitioner will determine if hormonal contraception should be prescribed and what method is best for you based on clinical guidelines.


All women's health services are by appointment only. These services are offered four days a week, Tuesday through Friday. Please call (813) 253-6250 or come by the Dickey Health and Wellness Center to schedule.

Due to a high demand, you will be charged a $25 no show fee for any women's health appointment not canceled without a minimum of two hours notice. Appointments made 48 hours in advance will be provided a reminder email the day before the appointment to help you avoid this charge.

Please be aware that the Well Woman and Gynecology appointments cannot be performed while you are on your menstrual period and you should not use any douching products, tampons, vaginal creams or medications, sprays or powders, or engage in sexual intercourse or oral sex within 48 hours prior to your exam.

For more information on women's health, please visit the National Women's Health Information Center.