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The University of Tampa Counseling Services, located in the Dickey Health and Wellness Center directly behind Austin Hall, provides counseling to all full-time undergraduate students and all international graduate students. Domestic graduate students without an active student health insurance policy will be assessed a fee.

Counseling Sessions

Counseling can assist students in dealing with the challenges...

Counseling can assist students in dealing with the challenges that college life brings. It can help to develop and strengthen skills to overcome new challenges or ones that have been impacting your life for a while. Each member of the Counseling Services staff has more than 10 years experience helping individuals to improve their mental health and wellbeing. The Counseling Services is a confidential place where students can come to discuss a variety of issues impacting their functioning to ensure academic success. The decision about which type of service is appropriate is based on many factors. Our goal in the Counseling Center is to find the most effective and efficient way to meet each student’s needs.

Individual therapy offered at The University of Tampa is a 45-minute session with a licensed professional. Students may receive up to six counseling sessions per semester, in addition to medication appointments. Students who need more counseling than six sessions per semester may receive a personalized off-campus referral based on the student’s preferences and needs.