Table Setup

The list below indicates suggested table items to display at college fairs that allow prospective students and their families to view the information in the most efficient manner. Please make sure to place the banner on the table with The University of Tampa logo facing the students.

  • Inquiry cards – These are the best way to get information to UT. These should be displayed in the front of the table with pens. University of Tampa pens will be provided. Please encourage students to fill out the card at the table and leave it with you. Inquiry cards have prepaid postage should students prefer to mail them in. They can also request more information online.
    **Please note that it is important that the students provide an email address.**

  • The University of Tampa search piece – This is a helpful guide with a UT overview and a list of our majors and minors. This should be placed front and center on the table. If students only want to take one item from the table, this should be it. This piece also has an inquiry card attached, in case you run out.
  • Scholarships and financial assistance – These brochures explain eligibility requirements for financial aid including merit scholarships and need-based aid from UT, the federal government, the State of Florida (for Florida residents) and privately funded programs. This should be placed front and center next to The University of Tampa brochures mentioned above.
  • You’re Invited – This is a list of the open house dates that we have in the fall and spring semesters. Visits are recommended but not mandatory. Students can sign up for an open house, daily visits and other special admissions events by going to
  • Business cards – Feel free to hand students his or her counselor’s business card if he or she specifically asks for one. The admissions counselor is a student’s primary contact at the University, so you may encourage the students to contact their counselors directly.