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  • Meeting Time/Place: TBA
  • President: Brady Gill -
  • Advisor: Yovan Reyes -
  • Description: The purpose of the Beach Club is to make it easier for students without cars to travel to the beach and create new friendships through the hobby of beach going.
  • Website:
  • Meeting Time/Place: Wednesday 4 p.m., JS 134
  • President: Scott Bates -
  • Advisor: Randall Rentfro -
  • Description: The purpose of this chapter shall be to instill the ideal of service as the basis of the financial information professions; to promote the study of financial information and its highest ethical standards; to act as a medium between professionals, instructors, students and others who are interested in the field of financial information; to encourage high moral, scholastic and professional achievement in its members; and, to foster cordial communication among its members and the professions generally. Membership in this organization requires an application and minimum GPA requirement, and is only open to accounting majors.
  • Meeting Time/Place: Fridays 2:30 p.m. Cass Building 200
  • President: Victoria Suslovitch -
  • Advisor: Eric Freundt -
  • Description: The purpose of Beta Beta Beta Biological Honor Society shall function as an honor and professional society for students of the biological sciences. Its activities shall be designed to stimulate interest, scholarly attainment, investigation in the biological sciences and to promote the dissemination of information and new interpretations among students of the life sciences. Membership in this organization is open to all UT students.
  • Website:
  • Meeting Time/Place: TBA
  • President: Faith Ponti -
  • Advisor: Lisa Ryan -
  • Description: Better Together is an organization composed of students dedicated to interfaith cooperation on campus and in the greater community. Its purpose is to promote understanding and respect for diverse spiritual and nonspiritual beliefs by means of dialogue, education and advocacy. Better Together seeks to promote awareness and understanding of both similarities and differences between all religions, as well as establish a basis in which students can develop strong diverse friendships through interfaith cooperation. Membership in this organization is open to all UT students.
  • Website:
  • Meeting Time/Place: Mondays at 8:30 p.m. RIVC 107
  • President: Breanna Lewis -
  • Advisor: Gregory Darby -
  • Description: The University of Tampa's Black Student Union exists to encourage a positive image of minority students and to support its members in achieving their educational and social goals. Membership in this organization is open to all students.
  • Meeting Time/Place: TBA
  • President: Brianna Simon -
  • Advisor: Ciara Joyner -
  • Description: Blackout's mission is to bring together a diverse group in an enviornment where they can express individuality and passion for dance through hip-hop and jazz.
  • President: Arnab Pandey -
  • Advisor: Chris Maurer -
  • Description: The mission of the Business Analytics Club at The University of Tampa is to establish collaboration between the students, professors and the industry professionals, so as to create a common platform for information sharing and knowledge transfer in the field of data and analytics.