Published: November 20, 2018

On Friday, Nov. 30, The University of Tampa will welcome Saul Cornell, a leading authority on early American constitutional thought and the Second Amendment, as part of the University’s Honors Program symposia series. The presentation, titled The Second Amendment: Myths and Realities, begins at 8 p.m. in the Trustees Board Room on the ninth floor of the Vaughn Center and is free and open to the public.

Cornell is the Paul and Diane Guenther chair in American history at Fordham University, and the former director of the Second Amendment Research Center at the John Glenn Institute. He is the author of The Other Founders: Anti-Federalism and the Dissenting Tradition in America, which won the 2001 Cox Book Prize, and A Well-Regulated Militia: the Founding Fathers and the Origins of Gun Control in America

He recently authored an article on Salon about the 2011 Tucson shooting and gun control, as well as an opinion piece for the New York Daily News entitled, “Have guns at home? You should have to tell your child’s school.” Cornell’s work has been widely cited by legal scholars, historians, the U.S. Supreme Court and several state supreme courts. 

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