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CNHS Undergraduate Research Symposium Abstract Submission

Thank you for your interest in the Undergraduate Research Symposium for the College of Natural and Health Sciences, which will be held on May 3, 2019, from 2-5 p.m.

The keynote presentation (2-3 p.m.) and poster presentations (3-5 p.m.) will be held in Vaughn Center, 9th Floor.

Please fill out the form below by April 12, 2019, to present a poster at the conference (* indicates a required field).

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*Was your research project a course requirement? 
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*Abstract Title - Please capitalize the first word and all major words in your title. Do not capitalize articles (a, an, the), short prepositions (at, on, by) or conjunctions (and, but, or):
*List all authors, including yourself, in the order that they should appear in the printed abstract booklet. Include all institutional affiliations and your supervising faculty mentor in your author list if appropriate. Consult your faculty mentor to ensure your author list is complete and with names listed in the proper order:
*Which of the authors above will present the poster at the symposium? There is a limit to two presenting authors per poster; however, exceptions can be made for posters with three or more contributing authors. Please contact Simon Schuler, associate professor of physics, at, for more information.:
*Abstract (200 word maximum, abstract text only; no title, authors, etc). Please adhere to the word limit. Abstracts over 200 words may be rejected: