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Executive MBA (EMBA) Schedule

The EMBA program offers a convenient schedule for experienced business managers working to earn an advanced degree.
  • The six-semester program meets alternating Saturdays, 8 a.m.-noon and 1-5 p.m.
  • A minimum of 48 credit hours are required for the degree. Each course is 4 credit hours.
  • Students receive an MBA. Students who want to pursue a concentration may take an additional 12 credit hours upon completion of the program.
Fall Semester, Year 1:
New student orientation, with focus on team dynamics and communication  
805 Managing Innovation Strategically (4)
810 Dynamic Leadership (4)

Spring Semester, Year 1:
January Bootcamp: Accounting
815 Business Communications and Interpersonal Skills (4)
820 Accounting for Strategic Management (4)

Summer Semester, Year 1:
May Bootcamp: Statistics
825 Modeling and Analysis for Executive Decision Making (4)
830 Strategic Operations and Information Management (4)

Fall Semester, Year 2:
August Bootcamp: Economics 
835 Marketing Strategy and Value Creation (4)
840 Economics for Business Leaders (4)

Spring Semester, Year 2:
January Bootcamp: Finance
845 Financial Management and Strategy (4)
860 Seminar in Emerging Issues (4) 

Summer Semester, Year 2:
850 Global Strategic Management I (4)
855 Global Strategic Management II (4)