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Tampa, FL 33606

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CB 149

Meet Emily Rose

Visiting Assistant Professor, Biology

Education: 2007 The University of Tampa, B.S.
2016 Texas A&M University, Ph.D.

Courses Taught: Biological Unity
Biological Diversity
Marine Biology

Career Specialties: Emily Rose's research focuses on mating system evolution by studying natural mating system variation and the effects of anthropogenic impacts, including endocrine disruptors, on sexual selection and gene expression patterns. Her studies utilize the fishes of Family Syngnathidae, seahorses, pipefishes and sea dragons, due to their unique variation in mating systems, intricate relationship with their habitats and novel traits, such as male pregnancy and sex-role reversal.

Professional and Community Activities: Rose's research uses a combination of genetics, ecological and behavioral studies, and evolutionary theory to understand variation in mating systems. She also has an applied component to her research, focused on understanding the effects of endocrine exposure, primarily synthetic estrogen (EE2), on reproduction and sexual selection (Rose et al. 2013 in The American Naturalist and Evolutionary Applications), and on gene expression changes using next generation sequencing techniques (ie. RNA-seq, Rose et al. 2015 PLoS One). She works with collaborators to study sexually selected traits, local adaptation and population genetics in sex-role reversed pipefish (published in Journal of Evolutionary Biology and Molecular Ecology). Rose is currently collaborating on projects in the Bahamas studying a unique population of seahorses with Heather Masonjones and other local Bahamian researchers. She has also been involved in several mentoring programs, women in science events and outreach organizations. In addition to being excellent model organisms for evolutionary ecology and environmental studies, seahorses and pipefishes are charismatic organisms that have been great ambassadors for marine science outreach in local communities and educating students of all ages.

Honors and Awards:

EPA STAR Fellowship, Undergraduate Research Mentoring Award from the College of Science at Texas A&M University, Ethel Ashworth-Tsutsui Memorial Award for Research from the Women in Science and Engineering at Texas A&M University, Distinguished Graduate Student Award from the Department of Biology Texas A&M University, Faculty Unsung Hero award at The University of Tampa