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Meet Tony Pham

Visiting Assistant Professor, Chemistry

Education: 2015 University of South Florida, Ph.D.
2008 University of South Florida, B.S.

Courses Taught: Chemistry and Society
General Chemistry I
General Chemistry I Laboratory
General Chemistry II
General Chemistry II Laboratory
Organic Chemistry I Laboratory

Career Specialties: Tony Pham specializes in theoretical chemistry, particularly computer simulations of gas adsorption and separation in porous crystalline materials called metal–organic frameworks (MOFs).

Professional and Community Activities: Pham's research involves the computational modeling of gas adsorption and separation in metal–organic frameworks (MOFs), porous crystalline materials that are synthesized from metal ions and organic ligands. He studies these materials at the molecular level through computer simulation in order to determine what structural characteristics lead to favorable gas adsorption mechanisms. The results from his theoretical studies can provide insights into the rational design of new materials that are tailored for specific applications, such as H2 storage and CO2 capture and sequestration. He has made significant contributions to the field of materials and environmental chemistry from his simulation studies on MOFs.

In addition, he has worked closely with the MOF experimental chemists in an iterative design process to help them try to explain the data that they obtain from experimental gas adsorption measurements on their materials. He helped the experimentalists determine the favorable adsorption sites for certain gas molecules, such as H2 and CO2, in the MOFs that they’ve synthesized. His efforts have led to his authoring and co-authoring of numerous papers, especially those that have appeared in top-tier journals, such as Nature, Science Advances, Journal of the American Chemical Society, Angewandte Chemie International Edition and Chemical Science.

Pham is a member of the American Chemical Society. He also serves as a regular peer-reviewer for many journals, including Crystal Growth & Design and Journal of Materials Chemistry A.

Honors and Awards: Alexiou Award in Environmental Chemistry (2014), Provost’s Commendations for Outstanding Teaching by a Graduate Teaching Assistant (2012), Tharpe Fellowship (2012), Gelin Scholarship (2008–2009)