Roshni Ladny


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Meet Roshni Ladny

Professor of Instruction I, Criminology and Criminal Justice


2007 Tougaloo College, B.S.
2009 Mississippi State University, M.S.
2013 Florida State University, M.S.
2018 Florida State University, Ph.D. 

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Courses Taught: Theories and Methods of Offender Treatment
Crimes Against Humanity
Foundations of Research Inquiry

Career Specialties: Roshni Ladny's research interests include pathways to violence, mental health and criminal justice issues, family violence, animal cruelty and predictive factors for educational success. Her dissertation research focused on identifying dynamic family-based factors that influence the relationship between different types of child maltreatment and violent behavior to reduce the likelihood of at-risk youth engaging in violence. Her research has been published in Deviant Behavior, Aggressive Behavior and Journal of Criminal Justice Education.

Professional and Community Activities: Ladny is a certified domestic violence victim advocate and has clinical training in addiction and trauma counseling and cognitive behavior therapy. She worked with individuals involved in the criminal justice system by serving as mental health therapist for survivors and perpetrators of family violence, for youth involved in the juvenile justice system and for individuals court ordered to treatment for substance abuse and addiction issues. She is currently involved in an international research initiative to create humane education, empathy programs and policy change in Eastern Europe to address the problems of family violence, animal cruelty and maladaptive outcomes in youth. Ladny is an active member of the American Society of Criminology (ASC) and the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences (ACJS).

Ladny is also devoted to serving her community. As the volunteer community outreach coordinator for the nonprofit Gadsden County Humane Society (GCHS) for five years, she assisted animals in need by providing houses and building fences for outdoor chained dogs in addition to medical care for neglected animals. As part of the outreach initiative she also taught basic humane education and empathy building to animal owners and school children, and collaborated with the Gadsden County Sheriff's Office to address animal welfare issues such as dog fighting and other cases of animal cruelty. Her most recent efforts with GCHS are devoted to developing an adoption and rescue program at the county run animal control facility to reduce the extremely high euthanasia rate of animals.