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Meet Francesca Bacci

Associate Professor, Art and Design

Education: 1997 University of Udine, B.A., M.A.
2004 Rutgers University, Ph.D.
2004 Rutgers University, Curatorial Certificate

Courses Taught: Modern Art
Contemporary Art
Senior Seminar and Exhibit

Career Specialties: Francesca Bacci is an inter-disciplinary curator and researcher specializing in visual studies and the history of modern and contemporary art.

Professional and Community Activities: Bacci’s scholarly work includes both traditional archival research, in particular focusing on the photography of sculpture, and interdisciplinary research that brings current ideas from neuroscience and digital technology into an investigation of the roles of the body, senses and cognition in the production and appreciation of art. In addition to numerous international, peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters, her contribution includes the acclaimed volume “Art and the Senses” (Oxford University Press, 2011 and 2013).

As a curator, Bacci has worked with contemporary artists in both gallery and museum exhibitions, curating shows of nineteenth and twentieth century Italian, European and American art, as well as contemporary productions. Her curatorial experience includes shows at the Courtauld Institute in London, at the Science Oxford Centre (UK) and, in Italy, at the Museum of Modern Art of Rovereto and Trento (MART), the Ricci-Oddi Museum (Piacenza), the Messina Museum (Milan) and the Civic Museum of Bolzano. She has also worked as a digital embodiment consultant for the Education Department of the Museum of Science (MUSE, Trento) and the Norway National Museum of Art (Oslo), and is convener of a 2017 CAA session on “Multisensory Digital Curatorship” in New York.

She is currently working on two main projects: “The Body at the Museum,” on multisensory engagement in exhibition practices, and “The Art of Misogyny,” a history of misogyny in Modern and Contemporary Art.

Honors and Awards: Bacci has received research support from the following agencies: Fulbright, British Academy, Gulbenkian Foundation, Wellcome Trust, European Science and Society Network, CIMeC, Center for Mind and Brain Sciences at University of Trento (Rovereto, Italy), CARITRO Foundation (Rovereto, Italy), Getty Foundation and Socin Foundation (Bozen, Italy). Recently, she has been honored with the “Digital Think-In” award from Maxxi Foundation (Rome).