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Spartan Shield graphicCampus Interior and Exterior COVID Signage and Materials

UT campus facilities and spaces will include signage that should be followed by UT community members and visitors at all times. This includes directional and physical distancing signage, health instructions, and informational signage signifying flow and where people should stand. Examples of the signage community members will see on campus are outlined below.


COVID-19 Brochure
Download Spartan Shield Brochure (PDF)



people standing 6 feet apart
Personal Protection
Equipment (PPE)
mask and washing hands
instructor in classroom with students
testing equipment

Sample Signage

keep 6 feet apart wait here and keep 6 feet apart
masks required wash your hands frequently
about to aaah-choo? always cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or use the inside of your elbow. enter this way

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