Below is a list of links with information about various wellness resources for UT students. These resources address various aspects of wellness, including alcohol use, physical and mental health.

Screening Tools

Mental Health/Well-Being Apps


Substance Use

Addiction Resource Information

University of Tampa On-Campus Resources

Mental and Emotional Health Resources

Sexual Health/ Safety Resources

Grief and Loss Resources 

Other Online Wellness Portals

Healthy Spartans 2020 

Healthy Campus 2020 is a national campaign that focuses on increasing the overall health of campuses nationwide. Healthy Campus believes that cross campus collaborations in higher education can help foster healthy communities and behaviors. The Healthy Spartan 2020 chapter at UT is a model that focuses on the overall health of the entire campus community; it includes students, faculty and staff. Check out the most recent newsletter about health and wellness on our campus.

University of Tampa Recovery Community

The University of Tampa (UT) Collegiate Recovery Community (UTRC) is a part of LiveWell UT through Wellness Services located on the second floor of the Dickey Health and Wellness Center. This is a new program started in the fall of 2016 and is slowly evolving. University of Tampa Recovery Community is a safe space for UT students struggling with addiction and substance abuse to come together and support each other. The primary purpose is to support recovering students by sharing the goals of providing support, preventing relapse and promoting academic performance. Students can engage with and seek support from students who are also in recovery as well as have access to supportive faculty and staff members on the UT campus. Students can utilize the second floor of the Wellness Center as needed, which consists of meeting space, student computers and break room area. Space is reserved on campus for weekly meetings. We do not currently offer dedicated housing through the UTRC but work closely with students, residence life staff and community partners to establish the best living arrangements possible for interested students. The advisor of this organization is Gina Firth, associate dean of wellness.

Alcohol Anonymous Meetings and the 12-Step Program
Meetings are held every Friday at 7 p.m. Email for meeting locations.

Tobacco Cessation

Ready to quit that tobacco? Let us help you in being more successful. Email us at for more information.