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UT Surfrider Placeholder

UT Surfrider and all chapters of The Surfrider Foundation are organized to foster the mission, purposes and operating principles of The Surfrider Foundation within their respective territorial limits. Each and every chapter of The Surfrider Foundation has, in addition to that listed above, the specific purpose of coordinating and facilitating the volunteer efforts and activities of members of the Surfrider Foundation to address local and regional coastal, ocean and watershed environmental and conservation issues and support the national headquarters. Surfrider Foundation and our chapter network operate under the ONE Surfrider mantra to create a better-unified organization while maintaining the integrity of our community-based approach.

Some of the primary purposes of the UT Surfrider is to safeguard and enhance the quality of surf riding environments and public access to such areas, promote the protection of the world’s waves, and to provide our members and public the opportunity for grassroots community volunteer engagement which further these objectives. We want to reduce the impact of plastics and rubbish in the marine environment in the Tampa Bay Area. Our goal is to do weekly beach cleanups in the area to make our coastlines cleaner.

UT Surfrider