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Welcome LGBTQI+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bi+, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, +) members and allies! The University of Tampa takes pride in our students, staff, faculty and alumni; we want everyone, of all genders and sexualities, to feel safe, respected, included, valued, supported, encouraged and celebrated. This page provides resources for those in our Spartan community who are LGBTQI+ members and allies, and those who want to learn more.

Terminology Resources 

To learn more about specific gender and sexual identities and associated terms, visit Glossary of Terms.

For those wanting to learn more about terminology and inclusive LGBTQI+ language, please also visit Guide to Terminology.

Respect and Values 

The University of Tampa strives to foster a community where there is a shared appreciation for the value of diversity. UT is committed to serving as a place that meets the needs and learning expectations of all students. We hope for our students to enjoy an enriched college experience, possibilities that begin with our University’s mission and values, and our commitment to diversity. Here is where you can learn more about diversity and diversity opportunities at UT.

On-Campus Resources

The University of Tampa recognizes that residential/housing comfortability and availability, legal changes to one’s name and/or gender, one’s preferred name on campus, specific information for some student-athletes, and policies regarding gender equity and Title IX may be of significant importance for LGBTQIA+ members in feeling respected and valued.

There are several people on campus who are out and proud. They are here as a resource on-campus. 

Celebration and Pride

UTampa Pride is our LGBTQIA+ organization. They create a space and make sure LGBTQIA+ voices are heard. They also host our annual campus Drag Show among other impactful programs. Connect with them on Instagram and Facebook.


Diversity and Inclusion Support 
Office of Student Leadership and Engagement

Key Events, Trainings and Retreats

De-stereotype Me Day
The Coming Out Chronicles 
Drag Show
Wall of Oppression
Spartan Sustained Dialogue Retreat
Diversity Week
SafeZone Training  For more information, please email Sabrina Griffith at

Learn more about the Diversity Annual Events

Course Offerings

The University of Tampa offers an enriching curriculum for its students and includes course offerings where students may learn about gender and sexuality as phenomena, gender and sexually marginalized populations, and the historical, cumulative and ongoing concerns faced by those who have been marginalized on the basis of gender and/or sexuality. Go to the Course Catalogue, select your year, and do search for Gender or Sexual Orientation. 


PHL 399
PSY 404
HIS 299

Safety and Safe Spaces 

Affinity Groups

GENDER Inclusive Bathrooms On Campus:
Cass Gym
Sykes Chapel 
Vaughn Center - Reeves Theater 

UT Compliance 

The University of Tampa is committed to providing a work and educational environment that is free from unlawful harassment and discrimination. The University maintains a strict policy prohibiting any kind of harassment or discrimination on the basis of sex, race, color, religion, national origin, disability, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, age, military or veteran status, marital status, genetic information or any other protected characteristic. Likewise, ethnic, religious, age-related, disability, gender or sexual orientation considerations will not be used as the basis for academic or employment decisions affecting any student, faculty member or employee. Read more on UT compliance.

Title IX at UT

The Wellness Center 

Counseling Services provides support groups when needed in addition to regular counseling sessions. 

Support and Encouragement 

Adeline (Addie) Carothers (she/her/hers)

As the associate director of wellness, Addie Carothers oversees Live Well UT, the health and wellness promotion and educational program that includes initiatives that focus on alcohol and other drugs, sustainability, physical health and nutrition, mental health, diversity, sexual health, healthy relationships and financial wellness. Carothers also serves on the Faculty and Staff Wellness Committee, the Resource Team for Faith Values and Spirituality, the Residential Curriculum Committee, Tobacco Free Task Force and Healthy Spartans 2020. She has been trained in mental health first aid, Green Dot, suicide prevention, sustained dialogue moderating (social justice program), Safe Zone and as a Title IX investigator.

Ana Maia (she/her/hers)

Thanks for supporting or wanting to learn more about our LGBTQ+ community here at UT. I am happy to talk about my sexual identity as fluid/queer, as well as the intersection of this identity with other identities (i.e. race, gender and/or gender expression). I currently work in the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement with student leadership programs and assessment. If you are exploring your LGBTQ+ identity or just want to chat, I am here to listen.

Ryne Burds (he/him/his)

Hi all, my name is Ryne. During my undergraduate career, I have been open about my sexual identity as a gay male. At UT, I serve as the assistant director for Fraternity and Sorority Life (FSL) where I oversee the operations for the entire FSL community. I take pride in providing a safe space for students, and I welcome any and all (regardless of their affiliation or lack thereof with FSL) to set up a time to chat with me about their own experiences being LGBTQIA+ or as an ally.

Brittany Harder (she/her/hers)

I have worked with the Human Rights Campaign as an employee (specifically on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act or ENDA) and as a volunteer. I have partnered with Equality Florida and over 50 community organizations within the Tampa/Hillsborough area.

Rolando Perez, LMHC (he/him/his)

I am an assistant director of Counseling Services at The University of Tampa. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology from Florida State University and a Master of Arts degree in psychology from the University of West Florida. I have been licensed as a Mental Health Counselor in the state of Florida since 1998. During my 21 years of practice, I have worked with a variety of populations including adolescents, adults, couples, individuals struggling with chemical dependency issues, Spanish-speaking individuals, families and the LGBT community. I specialize in the treatment of depression, anxiety disorders, personality disorders, gay, lesbian and transgender issues, addictions and recovery. I am also fluent in Spanish.

Haydn Rubelmann (he/him/his)

As a member of the LGBTQ community, I am a cis-gendered male married to a wonderful husband since July 3, 2013 – seven days after DOMA was overturned. Our international relationship spans over 15 years and was relieved when we could legally be together here in the US. Not only am I a member and advocate of the LGBTQ community, I am also a scientist. Having degrees in chemistry, biology and molecular biology, my passion lies in learning about the natural world. My research interests are primarily in microbial communities of unique environments and rare metabolic pathways in prokaryotes.

Our Community Resources  

National Resources 

Transgender Transition Information and Policies

    UTampa Pride

    UTampa Pride hosts campus wide and collaborative events to create an inclusive, social environment for all students.

    Learn More

    Diversity Advisory Group

    A forum to hear from students about their experiences to better advocate for a more inclusive learning environment.

    Learn More

    Safe Zone

    Safe Zone allies have been trained and are open to talking about and being supportive of LGBTQ+ individuals.

    Safe Zone Information