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Freshman Fall:

MSL 101 Leadership and Personal Development 
MSL 110 Basic Leadership Laboratory

Freshman Spring:

MSL 102 Introduction to the Profession of Arms 
MSL 111 Basic Leadership Laboratory

Sophomore Fall:

MSL 201 Leadership and Decision Making
MSL 203 American Military History
MSL 210 Basic Leadership Laboratory

Sophomore Spring:

MSL 202 American Doctrine and Team Development
MSL 203 American Military History
MSL 211 Basic Leadership Laboratory

Junior Fall:

MSL 301 Training Management and the Warfighting Functions
MSL 310 Advanced Leadership Laboratory 

Junior Spring:

MSL 302 Applied Leadership in Small Unit Operations 
MSL 311 Advanced Leadership Laboratory

Senior Fall:

MSL 401 The Army Officer 
MSL 410 Advanced Leadership Laboratory

Senior Spring:

MSL 402 Company Grade Leadership
MSL 411 Advanced Leadership Laboratory