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Academic Exploration

Unsure what major to choose? Debating switching between majors? Come talk to a trained exploration advisor who can assist you by:

  • Guiding you through a self-exploration process to discover academic interests and passions to identify your strengths
  • Equipping you with the tools to explore academic majors and make academic decisions

Deciding on a major is a big decision and should be thought out. The processes deserves your care and attention so take advantage of the resources and invest the time into finding a major that works for you.


  •  Spend some time reflecting on the things you enjoy learning about and the unique skill set you have
  •  Make a list of the majors you’re considering and the reasons why you think they would be a good fit
  •  Talk to faculty, upperclassmen, and other professionals you respect in the areas of your interest
  •  Schedule an appointment to meet with ACE’s Academic Exploration Advisor by calling (813) 257-5757 or emailing


Be open to new ideas. College is a time to identify and explore your passions. Get the most out of your Baccalaureate Experience core by taking courses you find intriguing. They might lead you down a path you’ve never considered before.

Don’t underestimate the role your interests play in your academic success. Imagine spending four years of in-depth study in a subject you aren’t interested in. You’re more likely to achieve your academic goals when you’re excited and engaged.

Evaluate your abilities. You have a set of strengths and weaknesses that are uniquely you. You wouldn’t pursue a career on Broadway if you couldn’t sing. Think about how your skills fit with the different majors at UT.

Don’t assume that one major leads down one career path. There are multiple paths to most careers, and a single major can lead to multiple careers.

Create your own path. Remember that this is YOUR unique educational experience, and you can tailor it however you want. Many UT students double major or minor in a secondary area of interest.