Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts degree program receive a balanced training in the areas associated with theatre performance: voice, movement and acting. They develop their performance skills through exploration of various methods of acting, introduction and study of genre and dramatic repertoire, participation and experience in staged productions.


All prospective theatre (THR) majors must audition and be accepted into the program as well as apply for acceptance to The University of Tampa.

Auditions are scheduled during October, November and February scheduled Admission Open House events. We suggest that students interested in entering in the fall semester should audition prior to the beginning of March, so as to meet financial aid deadlines/etc. as prescribed by the University. Students may also audition for the program at the Florida Theater Conference (FTC) and the Southeastern Theatre Conference (SETC). These organizations hold secondary school auditions for high school juniors and seniors and community college students.

Students should prepare the following materials for the audition process
  • One contemporary monologue—comic—not to exceed 1:30 minutes
  • One contemporary monologue—dramatic—not to exceed 1:30 minutes
  • One classical monologue—preferably Shakespeare*—not to exceed 2:00 minutes

* If you prefer not to perform a Shakespearian selection, a monologue that is pre-eighteenth century will be a suitable alternative.

Prospective students should also be prepared to discuss any prior dance/movement training. If deemed necessary, you may be asked to participate in a movement or improvisation audition. Should a prospective student reside more than 100 miles from the University, we will accept a videotape/DVD audition, which must include the materials as listed above. Send materials to Phoebe Perelman, Admissions Box F, The University of Tampa, 401 W. Kennedy Blvd., Tampa, FL 33606 or

Topics of Study

  • career development audition seminar
  • world theatre
  • acting
  • play analysis
  • stage management and design for actors
  • directing

Career Opportunities

  • roles in national touring companies
  • roles in films
  • roles in regional professional theatres
  • full-time work at local theme parks

Experiential Learning Opportunities

  • musical theatre productions
  • dramatic theatre productions
  • cabarets
  • in-residence workshops with established theatre artists
  • internship opportunities with a local theme park or theatre company

On-Campus Associations

  • Alpha Psi Omega (dramatic fraternity)