The art program at UT is a challenging course of study and practice built upon fundamental principles designed to develop your technical skills, advance your visual literacy, stimulate your intellectual curiosity, sharpen your aesthetic conceptualization and expand your ability to think critically.

Students enter the program as Bachelor of Art (B.A.) or Pre-Bachelor of Fine Art (BFA) majors, where they will join other like-minded artists enrolled in a demanding Foundations Program. Regardless of your intended area of concentration, the foundation coursework explores the principles upon which all further coursework is grounded. Next, you will be exposed to the Studio Core that will introduce you to the major media — drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture, printmaking and photography.

What is the difference between the B.A. and BFA? 

The B.A. is designed to expose students to a demanding but more broadly based curriculum in visual arts with a secondary area of concentrated study. As a traditional liberal arts degree, the B.A. affords students the ability to complement their artistic education with an additional concentration in business, social or natural sciences, humanities or other fine arts disciplines and areas of specialization.

The BFA is a professionally oriented degree that provides a comprehensive and rigorous training in visual concept development and professional studio practice. For completion of the BFA degree, students are required to take purposefully sequenced upper-level studio courses culminating in the production of a mature, cohesive body of work showcased in a senior exhibition. Special emphasis is given to helping students develop long-range professional goals through art practicums and service learning experiences. Students pursuing a professional career in art or advanced studies (Master of Fine Arts) normally select the BFA, as it is often considered the foundation of graduate-level work.

The BFA is a highly selective, invitation-only degree program. Students may declare a BFA major when entering UT, but it is listed as “Pre-BFA in Art” until they are deemed “BFA Proficient” during a portfolio review in ART 398. After the review has been completed, the department chair will provide each student with a letter describing the assessment and recommending a degree path for success.

Career Opportunities

  • art director
  • art teacher
  • artist's representative
  • ceramist
  • exhibition designer
  • framer
  • furniture designer
  • illustrator
  • painter
  • printmaker
  • photographer
  • sculptor
  • book illustrator
  • calligrapher
  • exhibit designer
  • architecture model builder
  • display/set designer

Featured Alumni

John Guarneri ’18

Sierra Kroeter ’18

Eric Isringhaus ’15

Sasha Brito ’12

Jeremy Bell ’12

Princess Smith ’12
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Cayla Birk ’11
Contessa Gallery Features Cayla Birk

Nathaniel St. Amour ’13

Samantha Burns ’11

Kristin O’Connor ’13

Sarah Althaqafi ’16

Jeff Gibbons ’10
Conduit Gallery Features Jeff Gibbons

Ryan McCallister ’10

Dylan Berry ’14

Leah Beilhart, ’14