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Primary authors must be undergraduate students who are current students or are within one year of graduation from UT, and are submitting research that was conducted during their undergraduate career. No manuscript will be accepted from UT alumni beyond a year post-graduation. Acta Spartae is a journal solely focused on the sciences and mathematics; as such, eligible students must be affiliated with any program in the College of Natural and Health Sciences or the College of Social Sciences, Mathematics and Education that offers a Bachelor of Science degree, as well as the degrees offered through the Department of Mathematics. Submissions from students unaffiliated with the sciences and mathematics programs at UT are not appropriate for publication in Acta Spartae.

Work published in Acta Spartae may be published elsewhere. If the work is submitted to a secondary journal, it is requested this information be made known to the Acta Spartae  editorial board. It is the author's responsibility to be aware of the publication policies of other journals to which they may submit.

The Acta Spartae editorial board is not responsible for violations of other journals' policies.

Contact Information

Please direct any inquires regarding the journal to Editor-in-Chief, Ethan Deneault at