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Editor's Note
Ethan Deneault 

Exploring the Potential Shared Pathology of Eating Disorders and Addiction: A Behavioral Neuroscience Approach
Allison Colaianni and Sara B. Festini 

Searching for Stellar Associations in Gaia DR2
Brolan Jennings, Simon Schuler, Jeff Andrews, Marcel Agüeros, and Julio Chanamé

Spatial Distribution of Cownose Rays ( Rhinoptera bonasus) Within St. Joseph Sound, Florida
Ryan P. Johnson, Matilda Miller, and Michael Slattery 

Theia 456 and Its Stellar Components
Trevor Kattenberg and Simon Schuler 

Effects of Academic and Social Engagement on Episodic Memory in Young Adults
Kassandra Ramsdell and Sara B. Festini 

The Effect of Flow Rates on Predation of Donax variabilis by Luidia clathrata
Rachel Cacace, Sarah Detmering, and Gabrielle Vaillancourt

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