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Acta Spartae does not require that copyright on your work be transferred to the journal. The authors retain all ownership rights to the copyright of their work. Before a manuscript can be published by Acta Spartae, the author(s) and their faculty advisor must agree to license their work to be published by the journal. Authors should take care to submit only if they are certain that they will not later wish to publish it in a journal that strictly prohibits prior distribution. Acta Spartae will not remove any article to comply with such a journal policy—the license granted on submission is irrevocable. Although Acta Spartae does not require copyright transfer, the journal does require sufficient rights to distribute the article in perpetuity. 

To submit an article to Acta Spartae you must license your work according to one of the following licenses, and submit the copyright agreement form to the journal before the publication date. 

  1. Grant the following non-exclusive and irrevocable license to distribute the article, and certify that they have the right to grant this license:
    • I grant Acta Spartae a perpetual, non-exclusive license to distribute this work.
    • I certify that I have the right to grant this license. 
    • I understand that submissions cannot be completely removed once accepted.
    • I understand that Acta Spartae reserves the right to reclassify or reject any submission.
  2. Certify that the work is available under one of the following Creative Commons licenses and that they have the right to assign this license: 
  3.  Dedicate the work to the public domain using the following license:

You also agree that Acta Spartae may, without changing the content, typeset or convert your accepted submission to any medium or format necessary for the purpose of long-term preservation. Responsibility for any copyright infringement of your work, downloaded from said digital environments, will fall solely upon the infringing user.

Download the Copyright Agreement Form


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