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Editor's Note
Ethan Deneault

Using Non-Invasive Sampling Techniques to Test Genetic Markers for the Little Blue Heron (Egretta caerulea)
Lynn Heller and Natalia Belfiore 

Associations Between Vibrio and the Planktonic Community Throughout Tampa Bay 
Heather Johnson, Bridgette Froeschke, and Rebecca Waggett

Determining Chemical Homogeneity of the Open Cluster NGC 752 through High-Resolution Abundance Analysis 
Omar Rodriguez and Simon Schuler

The Impact of Microplastics on Crassostrea virdinica Filtration Efficiency 
Jenna Carpenter, Brianna Sierra, and Heather Masonjones

An Analysis of Factors that Influence Student Perceptions of Flu Shot Effectiveness 
Caroline Stadler, Jessalyn Miller, and Claudia X. Aguado Loi

Identifying Candidate Moving Groups in the Gaia Catalog 
Michaela Gardner and Simon Schuler

Abundance Analysis of Tabby's Star (KIC 8462852)
Stacey Thomas, Simon Schuler, Cintia Fernanda Martinez, Katia Cunha, and Verne V. Smith

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