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Editor's Note
Ethan Deneault

Stability of p53 mRNA Isoforms in MCF7 Cells
Zachary M. Connelly and L. Michael Carastro

Occurrence of MRSA on Fish in the Hillsborough River
Zachery Rivera, Kimberly Grassett, Ann Williams and Bridgette Froeschke

Quantum mechanical investigation of the inner sphere reduction of the [(NSSSN)Co(III)Cl+2] cation
William Smith, Thomas Jackman and Olaseni Sode

Transformation of a Mixed Probiotic Culture and Escherichia coli B with the Antibiotic Resistant Plasmid, pGLO
Raven M. Wright, Haley L. Thompson and Eric Freundt

Microbial Properties of Montipora Coral Mucus
Jayde A. Zimmerman, Cody J. Cox and Eric Freundt

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