Continuing and new transfer students are assigned to a faculty advisor by the University Academic Advising Office (UAAO). Freshman students are advised by their assigned UAAO advisor for the first year. After their freshman year, students may choose an advisor within their major area of study. Continuing students are required to be cleared for registration by their faculty advisor each semester in order to register for future courses. New transfer students need to refer to the new student registration information for instructions.

Faculty advisors are assigned to help students plan a meaningful academic program. Each designated advisor is a professor who teaches in the student's major field of study. Only a student's designated faculty advisor can approve the student for online registration.

Students should use their advisors' expertise and knowledge of the University, not only at registration time, but also when academic questions or problems arise.

How to Change Advisor

  • Obtain a change of advisor form from the UAAO or log in to SpartanWeb and download the PDF.
  • Obtain required signature from the faculty member who has agreed to be the new advisor.
  • Return the completed form to the UAAO.
  • First-year students enrolled in FirstYear Seminar may not change advisors until they have completed BAC 102.

How to Change Major/Minor

  • Obtain a change of major/minor form from the UAAO or log in to SpartanWeb and download the PDF.
  • Return the completed form to the UAAO.
  • With change of major, students are recommended to change to an advisor within their new major.