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Study Finds Sharks Have Wimpy Bites
Dec. 30, 2008
Dan Huber, assistant professor of biology, attracted attention from numerous media outlets after the release of a study he conducted on the “bite force” of sharks. As this article from Reuters explains, Huber concluded that sharks have a weak bite force, but their sharp teeth allow them to break up their prey. The story was also featured in The Tampa Tribune, The St. Petersburg Times, Discovery News, The Daily Telegraph (London), The Daily Mail (London), Reuters, and Press Trust of India. Full Story

Huber’s research was also named one of Discover magazine’s Top 100 Stories of 2008.

The Bankruptcy Burn in Tampa Bay
Tampa Bay Business Journal
Dec. 26, 2008
Frank Ghannadian, dean of UT’s John H. Sykes College of Business, along with Speros Margetis, assistant professor of finance, provides insight on the economic effects of the large number of businesses filing for bankruptcy in the Tampa Bay area. Full Story

Political Parties Seek to Tap Tampa Bay's Energized Youth
St. Petersburg Times
Dec. 15, 2008

Scott Paine, associate professor of government and world affairs, predicts in this article the emergence of a new generation of political candidates in the next few election cycles. With many young people energized by the 2008 election, Paine says some will be looking to stay involved in future political campaigns. Full Story

Hard Work Carries Spartans to Final Four
The Tampa Tribune
Dec. 4, 2008

The University of Tampa men's soccer team takes the spotlight in this story as one of the final four teams competing for the NCAA II national championship. The story quotes some of the team's key players as well as coach Adrian Bush, who credits the team's hard work for the their success. Full Story

Top 10 Mid-Size College Cities for Investment
NuWire Investor
Dec. 2, 2008

The University of Tampa appears in this article as an area school that contributes to Tampa being a city with many lucrative investment opportunities. The article highlights several mid-size "college cities" where investment opportunities abound. Full Story

Your Turn - Holiday Shopping Outlook
WTVT-Fox 13
Nov. 28, 2008

John Stinespring, assistant professor of economics, took part in a panel discussion on Fox's "Your Turn" about the effect that recent economic troubles will have on this year's holiday shopping season. Stinespring cited statistics that show recent decreases in retail sales as well as low consumer confidence as reasons to expect fewer sales during the holidays. While many businesses will not see as much of a profit, Stinespring noted that businesses specializing in cheaper goods - such as Wal-Mart - may see greater profits due to their lower retail prices.

Indulging Middle-Class Desires Inflates Economic Struggles
St. Petersburg Times
Nov. 28, 2008

Ronald Kuntze, associate professor of marketing, talks about his observations of the spending habits of students from middle class backgrounds in this story. Kuntze predicts that excessive spending habits among youth will change with time. Full Story

Internet Can Assist, But Also Frustrate Job Seekers
St. Petersburg Times
Nov. 9, 2008

Tim Harding, The University of Tampa's director of Career Services, explains in this article the disadvantage to jobseekers in relying on the Internet rather than networking in conducting a job search. Full Story

Your Turn - Task Ahead for Obama
WTVT-Fox 13
Nov. 6, 2008

Mary Anderson, assistant professor of government and world affairs, was a guest on Fox 13's "Your Turn" for a discussion of the steps that President-elect Obama must take as he enters office. Anderson said that Obama should try to appeal more to the moderate voters who helped elect him rather than those on the left-wing of the political spectrum. "He needs to look at how he got there and who put him into office," Anderson said. "He's a deep thinker and he's cautious. I think he will take all that's coming at him into account."

Youth Vote Made the Difference for Obama
St. Petersburg Times
Nov. 6, 2008

Scott Paine, associate professor of government and world affairs, comments on the role of the "youth vote" in the 2008 presidential election in this story. Paine attributes Barack Obama's success in the election to enthusiasm among young voters and a common frustration with the current government. Full Story
John McCain Visits UT
Oct. 29, 2008

Republican presidential candidate John McCain visited the UT campus Oct. 29 for a national security roundtable discussion and campaign speech. McCain's visit, a non-public event, also included an interview with CNN anchor Larry King in UT's Plant Hall. This MSNBC story covered the visit. Full Story

Other news outlets that mentioned UT included: CNN, The Associated Press, The Chicago Tribune, The Tampa Tribune, The St. Petersburg Times, ABC Action News, Bay News 9, 10 Connects, The Orlando Sentinel, The Bradenton Herald, The Kansas City Star, The Houston Chronicle, and Voice of America.

Your Turn ­ Economic Future?
WTVT-Fox 13
Oct. 21, 2008

John Stinespring, assistant professor of economics, was a guest on Fox 13's "Your Turn with Kathy Fountain" for a discussion of the future of the U.S. economy and the recently passed $700 billion bailout plan. Stinespring stated that people should not be surprised they're not yet seeing movement in the credit market or the stimulus package impacting the economy. "There are long and variable lags with any type of policy," he said. "...These things take time, unfortunately."

Baseball 101: What You Need to Know While Watching the Rays
10 Connects
Oct. 14, 2008

Sam Militello, UT's assistant baseball coach, explains various pitching techniques and offers a baseball insider's perspective in this video news piece. "During the course of the entire game, even when there's nothing going on, there's always something going on behind the scenes," Militello says. Full Story

A Conversation with Adrian Bush, UT Soccer Coach
Tampa Tribune
Sept. 24, 2008

In this interview, UT Soccer Coach Adrian Bush talks about the team's strengths and expectations as they progress through the season. Full Story

Today Show “Battlegrounds”
Sept. 23, 2008

NBC’s “Today Show” conducted a live broadcast Sept. 23 in front of The University of Tampa’s Plant Hall. The broadcast was part of the show’s weeklong “Battleground” series, examining the impact of several so-called “battleground states” in the upcoming presidential election. The show featured a live interview from Plant Hall with Florida Gov. Charlie Crist and a pre-taped interview with Scott Paine, UT associate professor of government and world affairs. Members of the UT community were also featured as spectators.

Video segments from the show can be found on the “Today Show’s” Battleground Web site.

Coverage of the “Today Show’s” visit to UT appeared in The Tampa Tribune, The St. Petersburg Times, The Sarasota Herald-Tribune, and The Gainesville Sun. For photos of the event, view UT’s image gallery

Perfumed, Coiffed and Grappling with Demons
The New York Times
Sept. 18, 2008
John Capouya, assistant professor of journalism, had his book "Gorgeous George" reviewed in this New York Times article. Full Story
No Quick Fix to Stock Market Problems Says College Dean
Bay News 9
Sept. 16, 2008

In this video news piece, Frank Ghannadian, dean of UT's John Sykes College of Business, explains that current economic difficulties are not as dire as those of years past. However, he predicts that markets will be unsettled until a new president takes office in 2009. "In the meantime we'll have some sleepless nights," Ghannadian says. Full Story

University of Tampa Student Makes Financial Literacy His Business  
Tampa Bay Business Journal
Sept. 12, 2008
University of Tampa sophomore Christopher Sacchinelli is the focus of this article about a Web site he started for young investors, Full Story

Gorgeous George
Entertainment Weekly
Sept. 12, 2008
"Gorgeous George," a recent book by John Capouya, assistant professor of journalism, was reviewed in the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly. Full Story

Back to School in a Bad Economy?
WTVT-Fox 13
Sept. 5, 2008

Bill Rhey, dean of graduate studies, opined in this article about recent increased enrollment in university graduate business programs. While some say that economic woes are the reason for higher enrollments in business programs, Rhey says that employer cutbacks on tuition reimbursement have influenced enrollments in certain programs. Full Story
Your Turn – Another Cold War with Russia?
WTVT-Fox 13
Aug. 27, 2008

Greg Rublee, a foreign relations expert and UT instructor of global issues, was a guest on Fox 13's "Your Turn with Kathy Fountain" for a discussion of Russia's recent military aggression against Georgia and U.S. plans to build a missile defense base in Poland. Rublee detailed Russia's strategic objectives, which he said include control of an oil pipeline in Georgia. When asked directly if a second cold war is on the horizon, Rublee said "In my opinion, the short answer is no."

Three Years Later, Poems are Still Putting the Impact of Hurricane Katrina into Words
The New Orleans Times-Picayune
Aug. 27, 2008

Martha Serpas, associate professor of English and Louisiana native, talks about her 2006 collection of poetry, “The Dirty Side of the Storm,” in this article which highlights several poets who wrote about Hurricane Katrina. While most of her poems were written prior to Katrina, Serpas says many believed the collection was published in response to the hurricane. Full Story

Your Turn – Re-thinking the Drinking Age
WTVT-Fox 13
Aug. 26, 2008
Gina Firth, associate dean of students, was a featured panelist in a discussion about the pros and cons of lowering the legal drinking age from 21 to 18 on Fox’s “Your Turn with Kathy Fountain.” Speaking against lowering the drinking age, Firth argued that doing so would encourage drinking at earlier ages. “This is not a student problem, it’s a community problem,” Firth said.

Gorgeous George: Lessons from a Bad Boy
The Wall Street Journal
Aug. 25, 2008
In this Q&A piece, John Capouya, assistant professor of journalism, talks about the life of the professional wrestler known as Gorgeous George, about whom Capouya has recently published a biography. Full Story

With Record Enrollment, University of Tampa Classes Begin
The Tampa Tribune
Aug. 25, 2008

University of Tampa freshman Kier Barbour talks about his first week as a resident of the UT campus in this story, which highlights the first day of classes in a year of record-setting enrollment. Full Story

College Roommate Etiquette
Aug. 22, 2008
University of Tampa senior Valerie Gospodinsky took the spotlight for a live interview on Fox 13’s morning program, “Good Day Tampa Bay,” regarding ways for new roommates to handle conflict. Gospodinsky, a student mediation coordinator for UT’s Residence Life Office, said that most conflicts are best handled by the students themselves. “It all boils down to respect,” she said.

Time to Lower the Drinking Age?
WTVT-Fox 13
Aug. 20, 2008
UT students and administrators were quoted in this article, which details a push that some colleges have supported to lower the legal drinking age from 21 to 18. The move is meant to address the problem of underage drinking. Gina Firth, UT’s associate dean of students, voices opposition to the idea. “I think once people really look at the hard data that’s there, they’ll realize this is not the solution that’s going to fix this,” Firth said. Full Story
Teen Begins Investing Site
Norwalk Citizen-News
Aug. 15, 2008
A Web site catering to aspiring young investors, the creation of UT sophomore Christopher Sacchinelli, is the subject of this article in the Norwalk Citizen-News. Sacchinelli created the Web site,, in order to educate young investors about how to choose the right investment.

Looking Back at my Freshman Self
Aug. 13, 2008
UT alumnae Jen Miller ’02 recounts her freshman year at UT, as well as the hardships and triumphs in the 10 years that followed, in this blog written for Miller is a freelance writer based in New Jersey. Full Story
UT Shark Expert Featured on History Channel's "Evolve"
Aug. 12, 2008

Dan Huber, assistant professor of biology, discusses his research into the "bite force" of sharks on an episode of the History Channel series "Evolve." The episode details Huber's computerized construction of a three-dimensional model of a shark jaw for the purpose of obtaining statistical data about the strength of the shark's bite. "One thing that might surprise some people, if we compare (sharks) to historical predators, they really don't bite all that hard," Huber said.

Film Teacher is Unconventional Star of UT
St. Petersburg Times
Aug. 8, 2008

Tom Garrett, an independent film producer and assistant professor of communication, is cast in the spotlight in this article, which details his spearheading of The University of Tampa's film program. Full Story

Flugtag Soars to Success in Tampa Debut
The Tampa Tribune
July 30, 2008

A University of Tampa “Flying Minaret” made a splash at Tampa’s Red Bull Flugtag event July 19. A team of UT students and alumni constructed the craft, which was one of more than 30 “flying machines,” featured in the event. This article mentions the minaret in its coverage of the event.  Full Story

This video from CNN also includes footage of several of the crafts, including the minaret’s launch.

Passion for Success Guides an Entrepreneurial Couple
St. Petersburg Times
July 17, 2008

Hemant Rustogi, chair of the University of Tampa Department of Marketing, and his wife, Rohini, talk with a reporter about their academic and professional successes in America as Indian immigrants. Full Story

Messier Switches Up Sports
The Attleboro Sun Chronicle
July 15, 2008

In this article, University of Tampa senior Ryan Messier reveals the highlights of his summer as an intern at the International Tennis Hall of Fame in Newport, RI.  Full Story

Shrinking Food
WTVT-Fox 13
June 22, 2008

Erika Matulich, associate professor of marketing, was interviewed for this video news segment about a method businesses use to save on production costs. The method involves slightly altering the amount of a product contained in an individual package without changing the price. The cost-saving technique has been used for over a century, according to Matulich. Full Story

Research Discovers Criminals Mostly Fit
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
June 19, 2008

Sean Maddan, chair of The University of Tampa's Department of Criminology, was quoted in this article regarding a study he co-authored which found that most inmates in Arkansas prisons are physically fit upon entering prison. 

A Conversation with Jeremy Black
The Tampa Tribune
June 18, 2008

University of Tampa basketball player and recent graduate Jeremy Black was interviewed for this piece about his time playing at UT and personal obstacles he has overcome. Black, who was named the Sunshine State Conference's 2008 Male Athlete of the Year, is set to begin playing professional basketball next month in Germany.  Full Story

8th Graders Head to Summer Academy
Tampa Bay's 10 News
June 12, 2008

The Hillsborough Scholars Academy, an event hosted by The University of Tampa and geared toward eighth graders interested in the sciences, was the subject of this television news story. Michael Carastro, assistant professor of chemistry, is interviewed in the story, discussing the program's goal of engaging gifted students in exploration of the sciences. Full Story

Urso: A Man In His Element
Tampa Tribune
May 25, 2008

Joe Urso, coach of the UT baseball team, is profiled in this article. Urso, whose team is vying for a third-straight Division II national championship, has a 360-107-1 record in eight years at UT. He said he looks for players with great personalities, work ethics and GPAs. “We want players we can trust to represent the University of Tampa with pride,” Urso said in the article.  Full Story

UT Benefactors Donate Millions For Chapel
Tampa Tribune
May 23, 2008

This article covers John and Susan Sykes’ multi-million dollar donation to UT to help build the Sykes Chapel and Center for Faith and Values. In the article, Sykes was quoted as saying the chapel will “allow people of all faiths to have a place they could go and meditate." A similar story also appeared in the Tampa Bay Business Journal.  Full Story

Tampa Aims for Another D-II Baseball Title
USA Today
May 19, 2008

This story previews the UT baseball team's run at a third straight national championship as they prepare for their first game of this year's College World Series. Full Story

Spartans Take Aim at History
The Tampa Tribune
May 15, 2008

This story details the strengths of the UT baseball team as they prepare to pursue an unprecedented third straight national Div. II championship. The story quotes several players as well as head coach Joe Urso, who says that the team is excited by the possibility of an historic win. Full Story

McCain Hopes to Attract Young Voters
Associated Press
May 12, 2008

Matt Woods '03 was quoted in this article about his opinion of Republican presidential candidate John McCain. In the article, Woods was described as "a former chairman of the student Republican group at the University of Tampa."  Full Story

Education Fund for Latin Players Quietly Changes Lives
The New York Times
May 5, 2008

Jesus Barroso, a UT student from Panama and member of the baseball team, was featured in this story as one of many Latin students who have been able to attend college in the U.S. through the Latin Athletes Education Fund. The story noted that Barroso is "a junior in Tampa's well-regarded international business program."  Full Story

Reviving the Vanished Voice of Poetry
Washington Post
May 5, 2008

Martha Serpas, associate professor of English, was quoted in this story about the ability of young people to create poetry without having it become an overly complex art. Full Story

Political Scientist Predicts Democratic Floor Fight for President
ABC Action News
April 23, 2008

Scott Paine, associate professor of government and world affairs, was featured in this story in which he predicts that the race for the Democratic presidential nomination will be decided at the party's national convention.

Five Questions With UT's Ashley Arcuri
The Tampa Tribune
April 19, 2008

University of Tampa softball player Ashley Arcuri was recently interviewed about her previous experiences as a softball player at Auburn University and her subsequent transfer to UT.  Full Story

Hair Cuts for a Cause!
Tampa Bay's 10 News
April 18, 2008

A Locks of Love charity event at UT, in which students donated lengths of their hair, was the subject of this video story. The event, organized by UT's student volunteer organization PEACE (People Exploring Active Community Experience), resulted in the collection of 160 inches of hair to be made into wigs for children with cancer and other illnesses. Full Story

The event was also featured in this article:

Locks of Love Gathers Hair for Sick Kids Who Lost Theirs
The Tampa Tribune
April 18, 2008

Message on a Bottle: Own Your Own, Don't Recycle
April 18, 2008

UT's student volunteer organization, PEACE (People Exploring Active Community Experience), was mentioned in this CNBC news report as one of many organizations on college campuses that is encouraging the use of reusable water bottles. In order to help reduce the number of wasted plastic bottles, PEACE is donating a free reusable bottle to every student who gives them 10 plastic water bottles to recycle. Full Story

The Dragon of Cape Coral
The Washington Post
April 18, 2008

Todd Campbell, assistant professor of biology, was quoted in this story about the potential for an uncontrolled spread of Nile monitor lizards, an invasive species, in the state of Florida. Full Story

University of Tampa Students Win Investing Competition
St. Petersburg Times
April 4, 2008

This article highlights UT students who placed first in a global money management competition for their handling of a $150,000 UT investment fund as part of UT's applied investment management class. Dr. Marcus Ingram, associate professor of finance and the fund's faculty adviser, is quoted about the about how UT was able to compete well against larger schools in the competition. Full Story

Guest Column: Learning Goes Way Beyond the Classroom
River Falls Journal
March 28, 2008

University of Tampa sophomore Ellery McCardle wrote this guest column for her hometown newspaper in River Falls, WI. In it, McCardle details her experience as a student journalist covering Republican presidential candidate John McCain's visit to UT.

Rich U.S. College Endowments Lure Student Athletes From Abroad
International Herald Tribune
March 18, 2008

The University of Tampa is mentioned in this article as an example of an American university that is able to offer international athletes scholarships, compared to European schools that are often unable to do so. The article quotes Larry Marfise, UT's athletics director, as well as Christopher Ewing, a former UT soccer player who now runs a company that matches European athletes with U.S. colleges and universities. Full Story

Local College Students on Alternative Spring Break
Bay News 9
March 9, 2008

This story detailed plans by the student volunteer group PEACE (People Exploring Active Community Experience) to assist with Hurricane Katrina recovery efforts as part of its annual alternative spring break. Full Story

Amendments Would Give Hillsborough a Mayor, Change How it's Run
St. Petersburg Times
March 2, 2008

Scott Paine, associate professor of government and world affairs, was quoted in this article about a proposal to create the position of mayor for Hillsborough County and the effect this would have on local government. Full Story

UT Shark Expert Gives Advice in Maxim
March 2008
Dan Huber, visiting instructor of biology and a shark expert, was quoted in the March issue of Maxim magazine on how to scare off a shark. “Hitting a shark in the tip of the snout is the best thing to do,” Huber said. “...A blow in that area will scramble them up.”

A Hit Man? Here?
St. Petersburg Times
Feb. 8, 2008

This article, which details the making of a movie titled "The Messenger" that is being filmed in the Tampa Bay area, mentions University of Tampa students Kelsey Stroop and Anthony Rosa, who worked as interns on the film's set.  Full Story

Tampa Professor Studies What Makes Ads Like "Magic Fridge" Memorable
The Tampa Tribune
Feb. 3, 2008

Dr. Stephen Blessing, assistant professor of psychology, was featured in this article about a study he conducted on the effectiveness of Super Bowl advertisements. The study examined the cognitive psychological factors that influence how well viewers remember the commercials.  Full Story
Blessing's study was also the subject of the following articles:

'Wining' Trumps Screaming in Analysis of Super Bowl Ads
Feb. 6, 2008

This is Your Brain on Super Bowl Ads
The Ottawa Citizen
Feb. 2, 2008

Predicting Super Bowl Winners - Among Ads
Feb. 2, 2008

A Downside to Funny Super Bowl Ads
Media Life Magazine
Jan. 30, 2008

Do Super Bowl Ads Work?
Tampa Bay's 10 News
Jan. 23, 2008

Tuition Money Threatened
Tampa Bay Business Journal
Feb. 1, 2008

Barbara Strickler, vice president of enrollment, was quoted in this article about the effect that a proposed cut of the Florida Residents Access Grant (FRAG) from the state budget would have on The University of Tampa. Full Story

Your Tax Rebate Decision: Buy Smiles Or Peace of Mind
The Tampa Tribune
Jan. 30, 2008

Joel Jankowski, associate professor of finance, was among a group of financial experts quoted in this article about suggested ways for individuals to use government stimulus checks. In the article, Jankowski advises individuals to use the extra money for college savings funds, retirement plans, insurance and other long-term financial needs. Full Story

Economy talk may challenge McCain in Fla.
Dan Nowicki
The Arizona Republic
Jan. 26, 2008

This article mentions Senator and presidential candidate John McCain’s roundtable discussion at the University of Tampa on Jan. 26, 2008. Similar articles appeared in The Tampa Tribune, St. Petersburg Times, Bay News 9 and Tampa Bay’s 10 News.

Similar photos appeared in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Los Angeles Times, International Business Times, Commercial Appeal (TN),, Palm Beach Post, San Jose Mercury News, Seattle Post-Intelligencer and The Washington Post.

UT Receives $3 Million Gift
The Tampa Tribune
Jan. 25, 2008
This article detailed alumnus Frank Urso's gift of $3 million to The
University of Tampa. In recognition of the gift, UT plans to rename Kennedy Place, one of the newest residence halls, the Frank P. Urso, M.D. Hall.  Full Story

Similar stories:

UT Grad Donates $3 Million to School
St. Petersburg Times
Jan. 25, 2008

Amendment One Simply is a Bad Idea
The Tampa Tribune
Jan. 25, 2008

Michael Weeks, assistant professor of management, wrote this op-ed piece for The Tampa Tribune about why he thinks Florida Amendment One, which amends the current Save Our Homes property tax cap, would do more harm than good to the state's tax system.  Full Story

Urso Does It His Way as UT Aims for 3rd Title
The Tampa Tribune
Jan. 23, 2008

The University of Tampa baseball team and its head coach Joe Urso were the focus of this article, which highlights the team's strengths as they prepare for the new season. The article notes that the team is ranked No. 1 in the Collegiate Baseball Newspaper preseason poll as they attempt to capture the national title for the third year in a row.  Full Story

International Financial Markets’ Impact on the U.S. Consumer
Bay News 9
Jan. 22, 2008

Frank Ghannadian, dean of the University of Tampa's John H. Sykes College of Business, explained in this segment how the volatility of the international financial markets may affect U.S. consumers. “As a result of what’s going on in the American economy, the world is in a panic that Americans are not going to buy as much as before from them, which means they will be discounting more of their goods and services in the future,” Ghannadian said in the segment.

Students Remember MLK by Volunteering
Tampa Bay's 10 News
Jan. 21, 2008
This story covered student participation in The University of Tampa's Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service. Participants in the annual event honor Dr. King with a variety of community service projects.  Full Story

Similar Stories:

Making Sure Dr. King's Dream Lives ON
Bay News 9
Jan. 22, 2008

Students Honor King with Service
Jan. 21, 2008

What's Next for Glide Inventor?
The Cincinnati Enquirer
Jan. 21, 2008

Joseph McCann, management professor and director of The University of Tampa's TECO Energy Center for Leadership, was quoted in this article about the future of W.L. Gore & Associates, a manufacturing company. 

UT Alumnus Chosen to be Mexico's Interior Minister
University of Tampa alumnus Juan Camilo Mourino was featured prominently in numerous news media outlets after he was named interior minister in the government of Mexican President Felipe Calderon. Mourino previously served as chief of the president’s office and led Calderon’s 2006 campaign for the presidency.

Mexico Gets New Domestic Security Chief
Associated Press
Jan. 16, 2008

The story was also featured in The Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, Reuters and Bloomberg

Florida Stories
Jan. 11, 2008

Joe Russo, an alumnus of the Class of 1950, was recently featured as a guest on Florida Stories - a WUSF radio program. Russo's daughter, Tina, interviewed him about his military service during World War II, his subsequent enrollment at The University of Tampa, and his participation in a promotional film for Tampa's cigar industry. Full Story

On The Move
St. Petersburg Times
Jan. 13, 2008

Dr. Ronald L. Vaughn, president of The University of Tampa, was mentioned in this article for his receipt of the H.L. Culbreath Profile in Leadership Award. Full Story

The Party's Over Now Get Back to Work (on Yourself)
The Tampa Tribune
Dec. 31, 2007

Matthew Eriksen, associate professor of management, commented in this article on the need for self-reflection in order to achieve career success. The article provides a rundown of several suggested New Year's resolutions for individuals looking to strengthen their careers. Full Story