UT Campus Network Access 

Wired Network

Connect your computer to an Ethernet jack, open your browser and enter your Spartans Domain username and password.


Wireless access is available at many locations throughout campus. Login information is the same as Spartans Domain username and password (see Accounts and Passwords). 

  • UoT_Secure (Recommended for fastest connection) – configured for the 5 GHz band and uses WPA2 encryption. If your laptop or mobile device supports WPA2 encryption and the 2.4 GHz / 5 GHz band, you are encouraged to connect to UoT_Secure for your UT Wireless Network access.

Password Information

While some user names may be similar or even identical, passwords are unique. Changing a password in one system will NOT change the passwords to other systems. For example: even though the default password is the same for both email account and Spartans Domain, they are still two separate passwords and changing one does not change the other. Below is a summary of the various accounts. Information on what the default password is can be found in SpartanWeb - Information Technology or by calling the UT Help Desk at (813) 253-6293.

Spartans Domain

Gives access to the UT campus network (wired and wireless), the Internet, lab computers and printing, and library resources. 

A student’s username is emailed to them during the admissions process and is typically their firstname.lastname (e.g. – john.smith).

Password Reset – All students should enroll in the self-service Spartans Domain account password utility found at reset.ut.edu. Once enrolled you will be able to change your password, reset your password and unlock your Spartans Domain account. For security purposes, your password must be changed every 90 days, or it will expire.

SpartanWeb – spartanweb.ut.edu

A student’s username is their Student ID number (seven digit number, e.g. 1234567).

For a password reset, go to SpartanWeb and click the “Email my password” link. Your password will be emailed to your SpartanMail address. Passwords should be six to eight characters in length. Anything longer than that will be truncated to the first eight characters (e.g. – if you choose Abcde12345 as your password, it will be truncated to Abcde123).

SpartanMail – mail.office365.com

Username = firstname.lastname@spartans.ut.edu (e.g. john.smith@spartans.ut.edu) For security purposes, your password must be changed every 90 days or it will expire. For expired passwords, Office365 prompts for the last working password, then asks for a new one. To change an existing, valid password, log into Office365 and click the Settings button at the top right of the screen to locate the “Change password” option.

Blackboard – www.ut.edu/myutampa

Access Blackboard by logging into MyUTampa first, UT's single sign-on platform.

A student’s username is typically their firstname.lastname.

Note that new Blackboard accounts and courses are not available until 42 days prior to the start date of a semester.

MyUTampa - www.ut.edu/myutampa

By logging into MyUTampa, UT's single sign-on platform powered by OKTA, you can access to multiple applications such as Blackboard, Accommodate and Workday. 

Your login credentials will be the same as your UT domain credentials. 

Helpful IT Information

View the Student ITS Information Flyer, with information about technology support for students.

If your computer, whether PC or Mac, needs general repair, please contact a local repair shop. These repair shops are not affiliated with the University. The University makes no warrants or claims as to the merchantability of any hardware, software or services obtained from these establishments.

Ethernet Cables and CATV Coaxial cables for television may be purchased from the Campus Bookstore or another local vendor. Please contact the Student Help Desk if you need advice on selecting a network card or network patch cable.

NOTE: The University assumes no financial responsibility for damages or loss of personal property of students. Personal property insurance coverage is recommended if you are not covered by your parent’s personal property insurance policy.