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Zeal and Charm Over Forty Years of Art - Student Exhibition Review

Published: September 01, 2017
40th Anniversary whole Gallery image
University of Tampa Permenant Collection: 40th Anniversary Show

Zeal and Charm Over Forty Years of Art

An exhibition review by political science major, Layaal Hagee.
From Aug.18 to Sept. 23, 2017, The University of Tampa’s Scarfone/Hartley Gallery is holding an art exhibition titled “40th Anniversary Show – Scarfone/Hartley Gallery Permanent Collection,” in celebration of 40 years of art making at the University. Displaying artworks from the gallery’s rich permanent collection, the exhibition comprises pieces created mainly by current and former faculty, as well as alumni and internationally and nationally renowned artists. Not only is the exhibition featuring works by artists like Robert Rauschenberg, Judy Chicago, Miriam Schapiro, Kara Walker, Joe Testa-Secca, Hiram Williams and numerous others, but it also includes a variety of art forms ranging from oil paintings to cut-paper silhouettes and installation/performance art. Particularly stimulating is that the exhibition is thematically organized, welcoming art lovers with works representing traditionally controversial subject matters, like racism and the Vietnam war, and escalating into more highly charged, provocative ones, such as prostitution. While providing the exhibition’s audience with the opportunity to appreciate each piece of art independently and contextually, the arrangement simultaneously allows for the viewers to gradually assimilate into the thematically intensifying narrative created by the artworks. The visual diversity and curiosity-piquing storyline, intermingled with the warm lighting of the museum space, made for a dynamic and comfortable art exhibition experience.

Layaal Hagee is a part of the Student Art Writing (SAW) group, advised by Francesca Bacci, associate professor. In this group, students learn and practice various kinds of art writing, such as exhibition reviews, stylistic and formal analytical essays, and critiques.