Associate Professor, Chemistry

401 W. Kennedy Blvd.
Box: 3F
Tampa, FL 33606
(813) 257-3921

Thomas A. Jackman

1971 University of South Florida, B.A.
1976 University of South Florida, Ph.D.
Courses Taught
General Chemistry I and II
General Chemistry I and II Lab
Organic Chemistry I and II
Organic Chemistry I and II Lab
Environmental Chemistry
Environmental Chemistry Lab
Career Specialties
Within inorganic chemistry, Dr. Jackman’s research interests include metal complex synthesis and electron-transfer reaction kinetics. He also specializes in the use of instrumentation to analyze samples for trace contaminants.
Professional and Community Activities:
Dr. Jackman’s technical skills include environmental compliance and applied environmental and analytical chemistry. He has significant experience in the management of environmental affairs including hazardous waste (RCRA), Superfund (CERCLA), water and wastewater (CWA), worker protection (OSHA), and air (CAA).